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I’ve read a lot on here to go where you can get the best possible education. I am an incoming freshman. There is a great magnet school around the area that does not have a baseball team. The private school I will be going to is a lot of money but offers a great education and baseball team. The magnet school offers around the same education and is free. We are considering the school since it would free up a lot of money. I’ve read through and also have learned that your summer team is what helps you get recruited, not the high school team. Does anyone have experience with a school that didn’t offer a baseball team?

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I don't have any personal experience, but I know several kids who played travel ball with my son who re-classed in 8th grade (i.e., they repeated 8th grade via an online program).  During that year they worked out with their travel ball coach and a few of these kids stuck with him and played in what is called a "Red Shirt League" during HS.  The Red Shirt League was a group of teams comprised of local JC kids who were red shirted, some D1/DII kids who had gotten cut in the fall, and some HS kids who didn't want to play for their HS program.  These kids never played HS ball, but they played ball all spring with bigger and stronger kids who had some talent.  One is currently playing for Arizona State, another is headed to Auburn, and a few others are also playing or will be playing college ball.  The moral of the story is, where there is a will there is a way.

As others said, there are often multiple other options when attending a school with no program (but can be dependent on your particular geographic location).  You can play travel the rest of the year and use those few months for conditioning, training or other interests.  There may be a league in your area that plays during HS season for those players who don't have the option.  And, there are often allowances made for a player to play his/her sport of choice thru another HS program.  I have seen all three scenarios play out well for student athletes.

Son in in NC. And he just finished Coaching a Home School Team, for their spring season. It has home schoolers and others that do not have a place to play.

look around there may be options. But again many times it comes down to state laws. I know of several Kids here in Ohio that were either Home schooled or did not have a program to play with. Some of them played at their local HS. Others played with a Home School team.

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