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As we come to the end of the year and a few days prior to Christmas, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the HSBBW web family for another wonderful year. The opportunity to come together, discuss, share and help others through this sport we all love, is outstanding.

First off, MST and I want to thank Julie (mn mom) for keeping the site up and running.......many of us do not know how much time and personal $$'s that it takes to keep this site open and for that we are grateful....

As Moderators, Michael S Taylor and I are proud to say, that the "ask the umpire" forum has required almost no moderation.......that to me is a compliment to the umpires who post here .

We all understand that this is a Parent/Coach/Player site and that baseball is a passionate sport, and we have fielded questions from all with professionalism and without ill feelings...

Parents, Coaches and Players!....Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve......

Michael and I always like to thank the Umpires who have dutifully posted and contributed to this "Ask the Umpire" Forum. You all have been a credit to our calling and truly we are a band of brothers in blue...

To Michael S. Taylor- many heartfelt thanks...

I am indebted for your friendship, guidance and advice through the years and our continuing contact through all mediums.....Thanks my friend!

and to our senior Umpires:

Dash Riprock
Jimmy 03
3 Fingered Glove

you have actively assisted those who came to this site looking for help and we are proud to post among you....your experience and knowledge is greatly appreciated.



You have rounded out our crew with great knowledge and timely asisstance. I always look forward to all your contributions.....

Also not to forget any of those who have not stopped in for a while or who remain infrequent, But have also posted

Jeff Connell
mr umpiresir

If I have missed any umpire who posted I apologize but I appreciate your contributions.....

Best wishes my friends for a joyous blessed Holiday season and a wonderful and prosperous new year!
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I want to add my thanks for a good year and all the good umpires here that have added their knowledge to help here. PIAA has been a great friend and hopefully we will get to work together this year. Stan has written a very good post that I can't a lot to except I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Hopefully thi year will be as good as this year was.
Thanks Stan. A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all around. I have taken some time off from the baseball forums due to moving, vacation and taking up basketball this winter however I will be back as the season winds down in preparation for baseball season in a new area. I'm very much looking forward to participating here on a more regular basis.


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