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Had a bit too much free time tonight. Took the stats off of the MLB website for the recent draft.

148 catchers were drafted

Ave Height: 72.9 inches
Ave Weight 198.20

Tallest kid 6'5" (weight 190)
Shortest kid a few at 5'10"
Heaviest 235
Lightest 170

Here is the breakdown by heights

70" 8 players
71" 23
72" 29
73" 36
74" 33
75" 12
76" 6
77" 1
Kid with a 90MPH fastball......Potential Kid with a 90MPH fastball and a great catcher....Results
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Ive seen studs behind the plate that were 5'9 and kids that looked like Tarzan and played like Jane. Size will get you a look but when they look you better have some game to go with it. Also how many kids are listed at 6'0 and are really 5'10? Alot. I cant tell you how many people have said "Boy your son sure has great size behind the plate". It means nothing unless you can back it up with great play. The stats posted really dont show anything because the heights used are rarely accurate. How many of those 72" inch catchers are really 70" kids? I bet they got drafted because they could flat out play and not because of their size.
Hey my guy is 74", but wait, shouldn't I measure him with his spikes on WinkCould get him up to 75". That's the only way the scouts see him. If that's the case, he should always have new spikes on, need the extra 1/32. If he gets measured in his socks does anyone know of the thickest pairs available. greenjump

Behind the plate, if you can play, you will be quickly noticed. You spend most of your career in a crouch anyway.

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