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Visited Son yesterday after his first baseball practice (D3 top 10 program).  There were about 35 kids at practice but about 12 players are not on campus this fall and can't practice.  They were broken into 4 groups with two groups on the field for 2 hours at a time.  That total number, 47, includes about 6 guys trying to walk on which is going to be very tough to do.  Also in that 47 are 3 5th year seniors from last years squad (school has a business graduate program), a Columbia 5th year transfer as well as one other high end D3 school 5th year transfer.  This team will carry 41-42 this year, a large number due to 5th years.  This team has a very strong pitching staff and plans another run to the world series.  My son says he's the hardest throwing Freshman but he also told once he got every math problem right on his SAT, so let's just say he hasn't fine tuned his ability to estimate things.... He does throw hard though.   The bottom line though is his process has begun.  The team will be great.  He's pumped.

Son's team was shut down for two weeks due to high positivity rates throughout athletics. Last week, when they were scheduled to return, anyone who had had the virus and recovered was allowed into facilities to work out. My son and the handful of other players who had NOT tested positive were not allowed to work out for another week. He tested again Tuesday, again negative, now can go work out.

Not sure I understand the logic of that system, but yesterday was the first full practice of the season. Coaches are working to live stream fall scrimmages so parents can tune in, which I'm excited about.

Covid boogeyman got my son. Got a fever, stopped up sinuses. Called in sick to a workout, the PPE police came and got him, tested him and he was positive. Put him in the paddy wagon and took him off campus and locked him in a one room apartment.  Was threatened to not leave the room for 10 days. Had food delivered to outside his door. Fever went away in about two days.  Dad diagnosed as same shit he gets every year. Team doctor called and talked me through their protocols. Doctors "other" job is over the ICU at a 450 bed hospital where they have been treating Covid patients this year.

Son has been back in his dorm for about three days. He may have been released to workout/go to small groups today, not sure. They did EKG, Echocardiagram on him yesterday and compared to baseline from his incoming physical. He said they will slowly let him ramp up physical activity through the weekend, then back to normal.

His three roommates tested negative. They got a 14 day quarantine in their dorm room.

Almost all classes are online for baseball players (at least underclassmen). They get temp tested everyday, get a wristband that allows them to enter buildings/cafeteria. Locker room still closed.  They dress in the suites. Small group workouts in the gym, on the field (usually by dorm room/apartment).

So a couple week setback to son on throwing program.  Has yet to be on a mound for a bullpen.

Biggest plus was the boredom forced him to take my phone calls, he would stay on the phone a long time.  No TV in the room. Just his laptop.

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