As a Braves fan I was pretty annoyed he shut them down.  But a great story of determination got him there.  Congratulations to him and your family!  


Always Believe! Always make the most of any opportunity! Be single minded! That's perseverance! May TM have many years of success! 

Such an amazing story.  Congrats!!

Loved this quote from the article!  Such insight and maturity.  

I asked Melville what advice 2019 Tim would offer to 2008 Tim, if given the chance.

"Mainly this: A lot of the decisions you need to make are gonna be tough ones, but make sure you're always discovering yourself. Whatever path you're gonna take, make sure it's a road of discovery," Melville said. "If you've got to challenge yourself or question yourself, always be in a learning mode and continue to understand how you want to live your life, how you want people to perceive you or how you want to act around other people. It's just a constant idea, just getting better in life, not just in baseball."

Congrats TMM_Dad.   That is awesome.   Tim will always be the guy that put the Richmond Braves travel team on the map.   Always rooting for him even when he is playing my Red Sox.

Congrats!  I just sent this to Keewartson who played for the Richmond Braves (travel ball) for a stint.

 We are headed to Scottsdale for a week for the AFL season and will be sure to hit Little Miss BBQ!  BBQ is our thing when we travel for baseball!

Great story, congrats....the first of many wins I hope, he deserves them!

I think one of those buttons chipped my windshield, I'll take a BBQ sandwich as payment....

What a great story and as a Rockies fan from Day 1, love it even more! I still remember hustling to local sports bar in '93 and getting there just in time to see EY hit leadoff HR in home opener at Mile High where 80K+ packed Mile High stadium. Will definitely share the story with my son as well. Know it will be uplifting as he works to make spring roster again this year. Thanks for sharing!

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