I95 Metro Baseball Showcase Stadium Series

Hello all - just wonder if there are any insights into this I95 Metro Baseball Showcase
Stadium Series? To be honesh - heard it for the first time via an email. We are familiar with Headfirst and Showball, and of course PG Academic. My 2017 got good exposure/offers from Headfirst, and did not need to do Showball and PG Academic. 

Planning for my 2020 (MIF/RHP) now. Plan on Headfirst (Aug) and Showball (Aug) along with a 16U WWBA in July. The timing of this I95 Metro Baseball Showcase Stadium Series is good being one week before HF and two weeks before Showball. Just do not want to overdo the showcase bit, with (1) cost and (2) staying sharp without over committing, being things to consider.

Thanks as always for the unvarnished and experienced feedback.



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THE BEST event.  The key is one field.  Coaches see everyone.  There is some standing around, but they dont do anything that overlaps.  My kid got a ton of looks.  The stadium was great and video was a nice bonus.  It is a no doubter.  A ton of head coaches and recruiting coordinators and staff.  The other ones have the names but too many fields and coaches floating.  Go too it.

Thanks Jason....I also saw your other I-95 thread from 2017 that helps me as well. I understand and have seen first hand the love that pitchers get at these showcase events. My older son RHP got most of his offers that way at HF. We did not know of I-95 then.

For my second one is a switch hitting - MIF (2020). recruiting could be a different ball game for him as he prohects more as a MIF than a pither.. I feel doing all of these showcases might be needed to get him exposure. We are planning to do multiple showcases and hope that in total with a PG event, that might be enough. Thanks again

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