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Bases loaded 1 out. Batter hits an infield fly. Runner on third is half way down the line. The ball is dropped and runner runs back to third. The batter is out and ball is thrown back to third...Is it a force out or does the runner have to be tagged out at third?   

If the runner at third just runs home and scores and the ball is dropped? Does the run counts, or does he have to return to third and then proceed at his own risk?   

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Agree with Dad....  assuming that IFF was called... remember IFF is in effect only if ordinary effort needed to catch the fly...  That is a judgement and will depend on age / skill of players.

The IFF is there to protect the runners.  When batter called out on IFF... there is no longer a force at any base in front of the batter.  Runners are not required to advance... but may do so at own risk.

Unless returning runner is tagged at third... safe on the return.

Permitted to advance home without tagging up on the drop... no penalty and NOT a force at the plate... Must be tagged.

Two things to keep in mind:

1) An Infield Fly is just like any other fly ball, except the batter is out whether the ball is caught or not.

2) A Force Play is created when a runner loses his right to a base because the batter becomes a runner.

2a) A runner can NEVER be forced out when returning to a base.

2b) Once the batter (or any runner "behind" a particular runner) is out, the Force Play no longer exists.

Putting those together gives the answers to the questions

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