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Dream Team


1st-Miles K.--Leyden
2nd-Tews -Brown University or Riemer- Glen South
SS- Antenburger-GBW or Reimer Glen South
3rd-Mennen Nap. Cent
Cather-Cherney-Prairie Ridge

Jernstad --Oswego(Lefty)
Ely- HF
Copp- West Aurora(Lefty)
Sonen-Cary Grove

Bobby Losse- Lake Forest
Todd Schultz--Hin. South
Ken Williams- Plainfield
Ken Smalley-Batavia
My Dream team for highschool
lf. McFolling oprf
cf Schultz Hinsdale South
rf Dore St.Ignatius
3b Brewer Lyons
ss Anetsberger Glenbard West
2b Bennett Providence catholic
1b Petrulis Lincoln-way
c Weiss Naperville central
p Kurgen Leyden.
Stevens Holy Cross--Cales Mt.Carmel---Lindquest Hinsdale South--Mennan Naperville Central--Lee Naperville Central--- Hart OPRF--Chubkis GBW-- Bromann GBW-- Farrell NC. Maitland Fremd--Laidlaw Downers South--O'Connor OPRF--MCKay Willowbrook---Ronosky LT.pitchers---Dennahey OPRF-- Rivera OPRF--Sagwich gbw--Baughman lt--Schultz Hin.S.

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Chi...Per your request:

3 catchers: Napoleon, New Trier; Trader, Joliet Catholic; and Joe Miller, Gordon Tech...

6 pitchers: Gary Perinar, Minooka; Tyler Thornton, Olympia (near Peoria); Shaun Siebert, Edwardsville (in the Southern boonies); John Ely, Homewood Flossmoor; Justin Baughman, Lyons Township; and Keven Schroeder, Bartlett...

6 infielders: Ryan Petrulis, Lincoln Way East; Ryan Anetsberger, Glenbard West; Bret Maugeri, Stagg; Mark Bennett, Providence; Flores, LW Central; Lee Fischer, Sandburg...

6 outfielders: Todd Schultz, Hinsdale South; Joe Dunigan, St. Ignatius; Kenny Williams, Jr., Plainfield; Eric Christiansen, Lockport; Laidlaw, Downers Grove South; Smith, Richards...

2 utility players: Joey Bonnadonna, Stevenson; David Cales, Mt. Carmel.

Only Maugeri, Cales and Christiansen are underclassmen.
My Illinois dream team for 04’s

12 Pitchers
Ely- HF – (Miami, Oh)
Perinar – Minooka- (Minn.)
Boughman – LT- (Ind.)
Shrader- Bartlett- (Cincy)
Zegarac- TF South (EKU)
Shaw – (Ill.)
Thorton- (Bradley)
Schlitter- Maine South
Jernstad- Oswego- (NIU)
Wolfe- Lake Forest (Michigan St.)
Larson- L-way
Anderson (EKU)

6 Outfielders
Dunigan- Ignatius- (Okla.)
K. Williams (SDSU)
Smith – Richards- (NIU)
Schultz- Hinsdale South- (UIC)
Brown- Prov.
Schutzbach- Prov.

3 catchers
Schaeffer- Br. Rice
Napolean- New Trier- (Iowa)
Osborne- Prov.

5 Infielders
Bennett-Prov.- (Nwestern)
Flores- L-way
Petrulis- L-way (Princeton)
Dylan Ward- Fairbury Prairie Central- (SIU)
Rodriguez- Marian Catholic- (St. Xavier)

Half these guys are playing with top tier and probably another five with the express. It’d be cool if somehow all these guys or even the majority of them could play together this summer. Beenthere- what’s Ryan doing for baseball this summer?
I would take -

1. Lee Fischer - SS - Sandburg
2. Ryan Anetsberger - SS - GW
3. Ryan Petrulis - SS - LWE
4. Dan Brewer - SS - LT
5. David Cales - SS - Mt. Carmel
6. Joe Ganz - SS - Stagg

1. Schultz - Hinsdale
2. Smith - Richards
3. Dunnigan - Iggy
4. K. Williams - Plainfield
5. Christianson - Lockport
6. Viscomi - Glenbard

1. Baughman - LT
2. Ely - HF
3. Nykiel - Andrew
4. Siebert - EdVille
5. Erickson - Cathem Glenwood
6. Perinar - Minooka

1. Shaeffer - Br. Rice
2. Cherney - Prairie Ridge
3. Napolean - New Tier

1. Cademartori - ND
2. Jernsted - Oswego

How many games could a team like this lose ?

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