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Although a longshot, if  the Democrats win the 2 Senate seats in Georgia, there might be a serious push in the first 2 years to make Public colleges free.  I'm assuming this would be for in-state residents.

How would this group foresee this playing out with respects to the college baseball recruiting process.

I've pulled the following out of the trash can related to free community college

Put on your thinking caps.

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Someone (yourself perhaps) can correct the logic here, but just off the top of my head + 5 minutes of Google.

UGA in-state tuition (all 15 of the 2020 recruits listed on PG were in-state) is just under $10k, out of a total (room, board, etc) of approx $27,500. So that leaves another $17,500 that needs to get paid.

If you assume the amount of scholarship $ remains the same after a shift to free tuition, then it could mean that more players can get $ to cover the other fees, or that more players get a true free ride.

Also worth noting that in Georgia (and perhaps other states) in-state tuition can be partially or completely covered if you have certain GPA/test scores. If you have a 3.7 and a 1200/26+, your tuition at UGA is covered. So there are some students that already have that covered before they even start taking to the coaching staff about scholarships.And if you assume that the free tuition would have GPA/test requirements (which seems reasonable) then the impact may be even smaller.

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Florida offer free tuition for a large number of Florida Resident students ( depending on their HighSchool grades , i believe). How's that affecting the Florida Sports programs?

Depends on the sport. Just a quick glance at the kids being recruited for sports (baseball, hoops, football) in my county, there is only one kid that would be eligible (most of these kids aren’t exactly scholars). And that kid is going to Holy Cross. My county has pretty good public schools. I would think the number across the state isn’t very high

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