Dabbling with my own sports gear clothing company, and working on baseball socks once again.   The plan is to beat out leading brands with something that lasts longer, resists dirt better, and is more comfortable.   Now in the testing stages, but need worn socks to see where the problem areas are and how the other brands fare.   If anyone has used baseball socks that are no longer needed, I'd gladly dedicate those to research.   Thanks for your help!

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lol!   It happens.   Actually one of the things I'm working on is a cotton-like material that keeps them fresher.   My science background may come in handy after all!

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Sounds like an episode of dirty jobs!  I will take a look around and let you know.

Thank you Dadof3.   I appreciate the effort.

Bumping this thread.   Back at it again with what I hope turns out to be the next best athletic sock!   I have another prototype I'm testing out, but it still needs refinement.  The material I am using is softer, yet slippery.  We are almost there (I hope!).   Again, I am in need of used baseball socks.  I have a machine that analyzes the wear and this is how we learn the weak spots and which materials are good or bad.   Please see what old socks you may have that your player doesn't need.   I want to get something out on the market and get our players one step ahead!  Thank you for helping.


Hijacking this thread for a related question (one I don't want to start an entire thread for):  Does anyone have a recommendation for sanitary socks in size XL (shoe size 13.5)?  Looking for a sock brand and (ideally) a place to buy them online.  Very few socks are available in XL, and the ones I have found are too thick to be worn comfortably under stirrups.  To be worn with knicker-style pants, so the socks need to be long, too.

We got some a year or so ago.  Look for TCK (brand) Nylon Sanitaries.  We got them at Graham Sports online.  Ours were size 9-12 but fit my son's size 11's and could have gone bigger.  I don't know if they have XL socks.  Good luck.

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We got some a year or so ago.  Look for TCK (brand) Nylon Sanitaries.  We got them at Graham Sports online.  Ours were size 9-12 but fit my son's size 11's and could have gone bigger.  I don't know if they have XL socks.  Good luck.

Thanks. Got some of those last year.  This year I can’t find that sock in XL anywhere. I think they may have stopped making them. May have to try Ls. 

Bumping this.  

Send this guy your son's socks!  I gathered up  all the yucky, holey, stiff socks from HS and travel and sent them to him.  Now he needs more and I don't get to wash my son's socks anymore (thank goodness!).   

Help him do his research!  

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Keewart rocks!   Was so helpful at my early stages!

Quick update, back on another new prototype sock.  This one is stretchier, but doesn't seem to tear.   That was a problem I was having with the first, which would translate to holes around the big toe.   I want to make it durable, stylish, and comfortable!   This is harder than I thought!    Okay, so back to work on this one.   Still could use worn baseball socks to see how they wear.  I'm just not tough enough on my own with my weekend play.   Thank you for any help!

Hey folks!  Checking back in with an update.  Now laid-off from work due to the virus, so my "hobby" job is back up.    Still want to make that perfect sock for the game.   Anyone who has used/worn baseball socks, I'd love to use them for research.   Making the best new product comes from knowing how the others did or didn't do.   Contact me if you can help.  And I will try to help out athletes with my invention.   Thank you!

Hijack: Anybody have any recommendations on where to buy navy and orange striped socks? I've been looking on MK Socks, but they would be a special order and a minimum number.


Back to this post: I will see if we have any we are ready to get rid of. I can tell you for my son (wears knicker pants and OTK socks), he always pulls them too much by the top to get them as far above the knee as possible. Drives me insane. Also lots of wear on the heel and big toe.

Hi TerribleBPthrower, thanks for the check!   That's funny because that is how I used to wear them not too long ago, but it does add some extra strain to it.  I'm working on addressing all those things with my idea.   Keep me posted...

Coastline, something I have noticed while doing the laundry:  Kid has worn the same brand of socks, Nike white athletic socks with a right and left foot pair for years. So, I seem to have a stack, a large stack of left footed socks because the right foot has worn out from swinging (a bat). This has happened over the course of about 5 years or so. Kid is a right handed batter. 

RoadRunner, that is interesting you mentioned that.   One of the ideas I had was creating a pair of baseball socks where each foot gets a different design.   More so than just left vs. right.   I was just unsure which sides or edges got the extra wear.   That is why I have found it most helpful to study older socks, because they actually show where the wear is.   I don't know if anyone else cares about these things, but it's something I think about and want to fix.  I don't see why we have to have the same socks they've been producing for the last twenty years.  There has to be something better and I am determined to figure it out.

Hi everyone!   Back to the sock grind, getting and testing prototypes.  Still working on heel and toe areas, that hopefully withstand more abuse and last longer.   As before, used socks are very helpful in researching and figuring out where the important parts are.   If your kid has old socks used for ball that you no longer need, I need them!    Thanks in advance.

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