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Why do some kids have great instincts and others have to be taught to think? Do the kids with instincts love the game more? Are they paying more attention to the little things?

When a kid says the game slows down to a point where he feels he has the time to make the right decision (when situations are really occurring in split seconds) is it because he’s made the attempt to observe and understand to a level others haven’t bothered?

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A lot of "instinct" comes from experience.  Having played and practices so much that you've seen everything.  You know that the second hop behaves differently than the first hop, balls spin towards the line, a pop behind the plate comes back into play, or that low pitch will hit the dirt so take off for second...  Basic info can be taught and learned, but to truly develop good instincts a player needs to be a student of the game at the deepest level.

2022NYC has s spot on.

Athletics comes from using all tools.

Multi-Sport Athletes have instincts that even ingrained baseball practice doesn’t compensate for.

My Johnny picked up serious baseball as  HS Soph. He was a Hockey and Tennis player as primary sports from 5 years old.

College recruiters said, “ we like athletes,” and he was ultimately a 2nd round MLB pick and now AAA player.

The hand-eye was ingrained and most defensive plays relate back to hockey drills and quick-step tennis drills.

The game is the game and the mind-body connection MUST be locked in as young as possible, IMO


A "true story" of a Yankee/Red Sox game. Yogi Berra was hitting and having difficulty hitting the pitcher's fast ball and after a few late swings hit a perfect double down the LF line, however Ted Williams made the catch after he had shifted closer to the foul line.

Next inning Williams was in the batter's box and Yogi said "how did you make that catch"?

Williams answer "PROPER THINKING"!!!!

Observation is a 6th Tool.


I am not much of a baseball player but I learned the 6th tool years ago in golf.

Was playing with an old guy (way to learn a lot!) and he told me to stand on the tee and tell him how I would play the shot, then envision the shot, and then make the shot.

I thought it was bunk but of course your mind can make it happen and it did.

Bought the 6th tool book for my guys but they may not believe yet.

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