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I was wondering what you all thought. Would it be better for a kid right out of highschool to go to college or go play pro ball internationally? I have talked to many people and have considered possibly Canada or Japan. If things go my way Id like to end up in Italy. Or would it be better to accept the scholarship to St. Joseph's in Indiana DII?
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Playing ball in a foreign country may be an invaluable education in and of itself. You would have to really be ready to accept the responsibility and cultural differences.

Several years ago one of the guys I managed played professional ball in Italy and later went to Southwestern and is now a lawyer. He says he wouldn't have done it any other way.
Catcher 44;
You maybe interested in discussing the Australia Goodwill Series December 18-January 4.

Our American Teams play 14-16 games against the State Teams of South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.

You will have a knowledge of your ability in the International arena.

We also will play the State Teams of China June 13, 2005.

June 9, 2006, our American Team is invited to play the State Teams of Japan and September 1, 2006 we will host the Japan National
High School Team. The Japan High School Stadiums seat 20,000 for their Regional Tournaments and 50,000 for the Summer National Tournament.

Bob Williams
Go to college you can use baseball to pay for your college education. You can always play internationally after college. It is pro ball, YOu play there internationally, you can forget about college baseball.
Coming from someone who coached and played internationally ( Germany). It is not a cake walk. The usa players tend to do well there, but the competition gets better ever year. and they are alwats college baseball players that play there, not high school players.
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TR the player is graduating from HS the goodwill games does not even apply to him.

for players still in hs they can attend, it is not during the high school baseball season, except Florida HS players, They cant once school is in session.please tell people info what you know is fact, otherwise you will have another 4,000 posts of all the info you dont know about.
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A player in college is not the same as a HS player-- this young man who posted will be in the middle of his first year of college --that is why I made note of it

As for where I am don't you worry about it- let my wife worry about where I am --she is the only one with that right

Incidently the reason I asked about Angelfire contacting you is that I read that they were checking all their websites to see about illegal advertising===apparently they have rules that are no being heeded by many who use their service-- just wanted to alert you
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Prhaps you should watch the Amber Fry movie again because you once again do not know what you are talking about--

I think you missed your meds today because you are rambling.

I gave the young man an answer in my first post and now I alerted him to something else--in case you didnt notice the fork at the road appeared and we took it-- I dont think you did--I think you ran into the tree
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When we travel for our Goodwill Series events in Australia, Japan, Korea and China, we play the National or State Teams.

We obtained sanctions from USA Baseball and the National Federations of each Country.

If we select players, who have entered college, the players will be only Junior College or NAIA players. NCAA college players require the permission of the NCAA for an International Trip.

Goodwill Series Inc. since 1983 has followed
the rules of the NCAA and involved over 5,000 high school players and a five Junior College players.

Bob Williams

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