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Rob - I have got some bad news for you.

That is a picture of a telephone "pole."

Now, you might argue that it is a telephone pole being used as a post but at the end of the day it is a telephone pole. There is no such thing as a telephone post unfortunately. Sorry to break it to you but I thought you needed to know that it is not the greatest post ever Frown Now, if you want to argue it is the greatest pole ever, then maybe you are on to something there Big Grin
I'm willing to argue this one (What a surprise!). It may or may not be a great post but regardless of it's ancestry it is certainly a fencepost. I think you need to take a long hard look at your bias in this matter. What do you have against poles? Razz

Next thing we'll hear is that "some of your best fences are poles".
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Originally posted by CADad:
I'm willing to argue this one (What a surprise!). It may or may not be a great post but regardless of it's ancestry it is certainly a fencepost. I think you need to take a long hard look at your bias in this matter. What do you have against poles? Razz

Next thing we'll hear is that "some of your best fences are poles".

I thought I might face some resistance on this one

How about this, since this is a baseball site, was the greatest "pole" ever Carl Yastremski?
Can not a telephone pole not be something different later on in it's life when it gets old? It's top may have rotted but it's body was still firm and after it was no longer able to be a post could it be a fire log?

Does someone that starts out as a pitcher than changes to an outfielder still be known as a pitcher. I think not.

Pole, post, or log, it will have a full life.

Sorry, but I'm still trying to analyze rotational vs. linear in the photo you posted. The wooden apparatus appears that it might be slowly rotating, but the barbed wire barriers flatten out to linear position rather quickly.

Can you show any 30 fps video before I offer my opinion on this post? Big Grin

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Originally posted by ClevelandDad:
How about this, since this is a baseball site, was the greatest "pole" ever Carl Yastremski?

So, I'm thinking...

CD couldn't get anyone to bite on the pole, so now he's seeing if he can get anyone to bite on the poll!

Normally, I would bite, but I could never bite on a poll about a pole in a post...
I feel like I am being "caned" here for my post that said the original "post" was not a "post" but rather a "pole." Please be mindful that reasonable minds can differ on sensitive topics like this Moreover, I am "stumped" at some of the anti-pole comments that have been posted Confused Furthermore, the brown stuff at the bottom of the alleged "post" in question is creosote - a known ingredient in the manufacture and application of telephone poles. Obviously, this was a pole

How "wood" all of you feel if one of your "posts" were challenged like my pole-post has in this thread?
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Could be creosote...probably Penta or CCA would be my guess. Don't see any green tint so my guess is creosote or Penta.

Would have to put this well trained nose to it ( Dad was in the lumber treating business all my life) and I worked at the treatment plants in HS and college. Love the smell of creosote but hated cleaning the treating cylinders.

Actually, they are called both posts and poles depending what part of the country you're in. Everybodys right. Fence pole or fence post was used....sorry, these are not telephone poles even though the treatment method is nearly similar.

Gotta admit, heck of a post to get this many replies.
Originally posted by CADad:
Gotta agree, this is turning out to be a very good post Rob. Great? I don't know. Razz

I think S Abrahms strengthend my arguments. My argument was these were merely telphone poles that had been cut-up and used in another application. As S Abrams points out, some places actually call these things fence poles. If that is the case, Rob Kremer's "post" was not that good (ambiguous) as it was actually about a pole! Now I will knock on "wood" that no more stones are hurled in my direction Big Grin
Originally posted by TRhit:
I think the diameter might differentiate between a post and a pole

Good point TR. Estimating the diameter of the wooden structure in Rob Kremer's "post", would you guess that diameter to be closer to a telephone pole (my assertion) or to a thin post that you might see in a suburban, fenced-in back yard?

The evidence is mounting for a pole:

1) It looks like a telephone pole
2) It appears to have the diameter of a telephone pole
3) Creosote that is used on telephone poles appears to be present
4) Some people actually call these things fence poles

I used to have more respect for Rob Kremer and surprised he did not do more homework on this "post" of his Big Grin
Originally posted by CADad:
IMO, the picture shows a post that may have been cut from a pole.

CADad - I think you are starting to understand my point. I know that you are an engineer so I'll use an electrical analogy. If you have a length of wire, and you cut a shorter piece from said length, what do you call that short piece? You still call it a wire eh? Here, a smaller piece is cut from a pole and the smaller piece is still a pole. I am sure we are all in agreement now Big Grin

I am starting to feel bad for calling Rob out this way, but at the same time I feel bad I have to defend myself on what appears to be an open and shut case
Originally posted by azallan:
I'm pretty positive this post primarily poses a predicament of possible plausable picky petty pokes pursuing the peramater of poisionous post haste posts pokes. Ya Think?

I see where you are going with that argument but I don't think we are talking about pickle peppers here.

I agree with TR - this is a perfect thread for the woodman and where is he? The woodman went to college in Rob Kremer's state and for Forestry Science for crying out loud. I wonder if he were "polled" what he "wood" say about Rob's alleged "post."
That's a rather puny post if you ask me.

You've twisted my post to your own ends. I won't put up with the way you are shredding toothpicks from a powerful post and using them to pick your way to an unsupported conclusion. That's it I'm leaving again for good rather than following some pied piper...OK, I'm back. Next thing you know all that will be left of Rob's post is a slender pole. Oh well, maybe it'll make a good fishing pole.

BTW, please don't bring up wire. I hate cables. See y'all later, have to go off to a meeting about cables. Don't let these any of these posts about poles get out of hand while I'm away.
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Originally posted by catfish342:
Not all poles are fat. Think about a flagpole, which is skinny. Using that unassailable logic, there's no reason Rob can't have a fat post. So I'm still calling it a post, even if it gets me banned by CD.

My kids continuously tell me how cool and hip they think I am so I can definitely say that Rob has a

phat post.
Wow indeed! I had a busy day and just checked back.

I am so sorry to have caused so much controversy and ill-feeling here. Shall we lock this thread before it gets out of hand?

I think I can end this controversy once and for all. Many people have told me that I have an intelligence quotient similar to that of a post, which is much different than that of a Pole.

So I should know a post when I see one, and this was Definitely a post and not a Pole!
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After very close examination (lol) I would say this was not a pole or a post.... is a type of lumber called a "piling". Heavier duty than a telephone pole with different treatment standards.

(Man, that will screw this thread up for days.)

If in actuality it was a telephone pole at one time, I'd say it is a trim section from a Class 5 or higher.

Much too thick for a fence post or fence pole...and no I am not gonna get into thickness
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I think I am now suffering from POST traumatic stress. So if i may "post" a the form of a we define things for what they are now or for the purpose they/it are serving? Is a post now a post if it is serving as a post?? Or is it really a pole, cause it WAS a pole.... Hope I'm not diveriting the thread too much by taking my Poll... "piling" on here....

For years we went to the World Lumberjack Championships in Hayward WI and watched some of the best international competition that can be found without any "glitz-n-glamor". It was a yearly family vacation. I've always thought that climbing and descending a 90' pole (about a 9 story building) in ~20 seconds may be most athletic feats that there is. Just the thought brings back memories of those "simple", yet unforgettable family trips. For those unfamiliar with the sport click HERE
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