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@fenwaysouth posted:

I've always referred to the Ivy and Patriot League as "hybrid-D1s" .  Their competitive level is D1 but their reduced game schedule , reduced travel and reduced practice time are very D3-like.   All of this is a major reason my son pursued this direction.   As an engineering major it was not going to be in the cards (for him) at any other D1 than an Ivy or Patriot school.   If there was a D3 engineering school that he had ranked higher and offered, there is no doubt he would have gone there.

As always, JMO.

I agree with your point, but to clarify most or all Patriot League teams play a full D1 game and practice schedule.  And like Ivy's, they have a 4-year-and-done policy (i.e., no redshirting).

I predict at some point there will be four sixteen team major conferences. Each conference will have two eight teams divisions. The concept will be geared towards football first and basketball second. Everything else will be inconsequential.

It will allow the conference championship game to be promoted as the first round of the football playoffs. Then, the four conference champions will continue in the current four team football playoff.

The Ivy League doesn’t have to be moved to D3. It’s no more important or less important in college sports than all the other non FBS schools. Other schools have decided they don’t need FBS football. They get their recognition from basketball.

From Fenway:

In the eyes of the President, his campus is made up of one big student body. There is no right or wrong here.  It is important to know ahead of time what that student-athlete experience is going to look like at these schools.


While I agree you are correct, I think you can expand it to the whole population. These kids should be going there to learn, compete and lead...but yet the schools have done none of that. They are leading the parade to sit on yours hands and come back outside after the rest of the world has said it is safe.

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