my 2021 son is interested in Jeffco.  I know they have historically have a strong baseball program.  Does anyone have any more up to date info on the school as a whole including academic support, coaching staff, etc etc.  Thanks 

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Very good program and coach.  Just know it is not an easy place to play.  You can see from their roster that they have about half their players who transferred from 4 year schools.  They are known as a JUCO to go to if you want to get better or need playing time that don't make it at 4 year and some schools send their players to get playing time and get grades up.  As long as you understand it will be like competing at a P5/large D1 school and not a typical JUCO.

Here are some visuals:


2019 Distribution by State

Jefferson 2019 Distribution by State

2018 Distribution by State

Jefferson 2018 Distribution by State

2017 Distribution By State

Jefferson 2017 Distribution by State

2019 Distribution By Position

Jefferson 2019 Distribution by Position

2019 Team Roster Insights

Jefferson 2019 Team Roster Insights

2019 Season # of Players at 4yr schools

Jefferson 2019 Players at 4 yr schools

2019 MLB Draft

Jefferson 2019 MLB Draft

2019 Win/Loss Record


Jefferson 2019 Win-Loss Record

5 Year Team Record

Jefferson 5 yr Record

10 Year Budget

Jefferson Baseball Budget 10 Yrs


Note:  Disclaimer we are still reconciling 2019 redshirts and JUCO Placement


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