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Reading again my favorite book "Ted Williams/John Underwood "It only Me"

Describes the "crash" landing of Ted's jet over Korea. He second tour of duty.

Two heroes - John McCain and Ted Williams.


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John was a personal friend of mine. We met with his first visit to the AF Academy, I was lucky to be the cadet escorting him as one of the first few non grad POWs to visit.

Very genuine man. His humility humbled be immediately. He was more interested in my life preparing for my dream to become a fighter pilot. He said things to me to think about other aspects of life. The importance of pursuit of happiness and family.

After my initial meeting with Sen McCain we found a way to meet up several times each year when he was on campus.... after that time we met hell, or hide water in DC, Chicago or Vegas. 
Loved the man.

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I truly think Ted and John Glenn would have handled our current situation w grace & dignity. John McCain would have tried, for the benefit of the country...albeit he had difficulty biting his tongue.... But I suspect Ted Williams would have vented something as well.


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You are correct!!


Just remembered something that I’ve been meaning to ask you. During my senior year in college Coach Chandler had arranged for an all-star team from Japan to play us in our stadium. Did you have something to do with that? There was a big pre-game ceremony but the game wasn’t played due to wet grounds (we had at least 8 games rained out that spring - mostly midweek and all non-conference. I lost 3 starts because of that). Since we didn’t get to play we all milled around on the field and of course a baseball appeared from somewhere. Somehow, in spite of a language barrier, there was an implied challenge to a game of burnout. I was our hardest thrower (notice I didn’t say best pitcher all you people hung up on metrics) so I got paired with the guy that was their hardest thrower and we flung a few at each other. It was all very schoolyard-ish and there was no winner or loser. But honestly it was kinda cool. Just baseball bridging a gap between two cultures that could hardly be more different. I’m guessing you were involved somehow. Yes? 


Did they use wood bats? During the College Coaching Convention, Tom and I discuss our involvement with the Japan HS Federation.

This may have been a College "All Star" team from Tokyo.

They are very good. The coaches are expert fungo hitters.

After the infield drill the coach would hit three perfect fly balls to the catchers, then the Coach would drop his fungo bat on the ground and the extra player would carry it to the dugout as he walked behind the Coach, as he "marched" to the dugout.

Every coach, government official, businessman has read the "Book of 5 Rings"


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