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I have a credit for a Junior Day Showcase that my son won't be able to use this year. It's worth $285, good for 2 sessions at a showcase. Company says it is transferrable, and I would love to hand it over to someone who could use it for half price. PM if interested. Link to site with events is

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You don’t have to be a junior to attend these events. My son attended one put on by the CAA when he was a freshman and hadn’t played varsity yet.

Coaches can talk to players on the field. It’s an instructional session. They can’t recruit. But they do size up players athletically, academically and maturity wise.

My son drew enough interest from two schools of potential interest to him they recommended he fill out the online recruiting form and visit the campus. It’s as far as coaches can go in these sessions.

If you click on the session on the website it tells you which college programs are on the field.

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@RJM is it because it's volunteer coaches?  We've signed Lefty up for one of these camps as a "warmup" for Showball the next week.  He's not great in new situations, so thought it would help with nerves if he did ones of these right before.  He's a LHP, so only doing one session and it's right around the corner from our house.  Just wondering what we've signed him up for   While he's a great pitcher, Clemson will definitely not be interested.

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