Just when you thought Travel Baseball couldn't get any more expensive!!!

I keep waiting for valet parking.  Maybe they could open up a shoe shine shop where you drop your cleats off when you leave and pick them back up the next day all shiny.

Surely there are more opportunities for some sharp entrepreneurs.  I heard the bat boning business doesn't require a huge amount of capital upfront.

With so many teams in the area every week, I could see someone opening up some kind of a drive up facility where you can bring in your white baseball pants that are covered in that red Georgia clay.....drop them off, run over to Starbucks or McDonalds and then come back in 20 min to pick them up...good as new.

Clemson Tiger baseball coming to LP for a camp in January. 

is excited to announce its first ever satellite camp!! We are bringing the Paw to the Point on January 14th, 2018 at park at the complex! Visit  to sign up now!

I swear they put crack in their coffee. Any time we would go to a new town for baseball it was find the fields, find the hotel, find a Starbucks. The wife is all "gotta.... have..... Starbucks".

Plus that's all the umps need, a bunch of parents in the stands strung out on caffeine. 

wareagle posted:

I wouldn't invest a lot in the pants cleaning business. I haven't seen much red clay at Lakepoint. 

Lol...I was wondering if anyone was paying attention.  I know, but when you play a 7 game tourney and only get one game at LakePoint you're gonna get dirty 

Just for fun......things I think would make zillions at Lake Point (feel free to add to the list):

1. Brew pub on a space needle type structure with clear views of fields below.

2. A hotel on that hill beyond the outfield of fields (don’t remember #s) that had room balcony’s overlooking the fields below.

3. A large Disney type water park.


I'm opening an "Ego Massage and Therapy for Parents Who Live Through their Kids Sports" tent right next to my "No Doc Second Mortgage to Pay for Travel Sports " trailer.  I will whisper to you that there is nothing more important than your son/daughter's experiences and how much they will learn about life while massaging your neck with my left hand and filling out your second mortgage documents with my right.

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