A hearty Congratulations to Keewart + her son on his draft day.  Glad to see good things happen for a great kid + his family.  He has worked really hard, is so deserving of being selected & is a truly special talent.  WAY TO GO!!   

"The only person you should be trying to be better than,

is the person you were yesterday."



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baseballmom posted:

WOW!! Huge congrats!


That is awesome! Looking forward to seeing him in the big leagues, too.

Thank you all!  This site has certainly helped at each step of the way!  

I was a long time lurker before I joined this site, when son was about in 7-8th grade.   I have tried to remain gender neutral, lol, but I realized early that my DH didn't know much about college recruiting (much less pro ball) so searched Goggle and found this site.  

For those that are just starting the journey (and this is nothing new if you have been here a while):

1)  Go to a college where you are loved.  The higher the academic school it is, the better.

2)   Don't select a school strictly because of the coaches.  They may leave.

3)   It only takes one offer.  Remember, pitchers get the most attention.  Then the guys "up the middle".

4)  Tap the advice here on this site.  PM others about questions you may have.

Now we have a new "ride" to enjoy!  


Very happy for the whole keewart family.  I'm doing my happy dance.

I've just become a big Blue Jay's fan....you know what I mean.  ;-)

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Good folks like you need to stick around here.  Hopefully this will help keep you here for a long time.  We all learn from experience and your son has learned a lot and he is about to learn a lot more. Maybe you can pass some of that along to the next person in your shoes.

Congatulations to your son and all the best.  Very happy for you!

catchersdad posted:

Fantastic news! More trips need to be planned!! You don't want to miss his time as a pro!

Hi! How are you and your family? DK headed out your way in july, Driveline. 


keewart posted:

I have tried to remain gender neutral, lol...  

And you have succeeded with me.   Much success and happiness to your son!

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