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My son is a freshman this year. 6'1",175lbs.He has always been very active in sports...never had many health problems to speak of.He has been going all out since HS started...running,weights,etc.We went to his batting coach Thur. nite & after just a few swings he could not put any weight on his left leg.The pain was at the bottom of the kneecap.Coach said that when he was younger he had growth plate pain in that area.Tonight(Saturday)he says he feels fine.Should I shut him down for the fall?
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Go see a doctor ASAP!!!. About a month ago son complained of pain in his left knee. We thought that he just needed rest. Pain would not go away. Then we thought he had osgood schlatters disease. All the reserach we did on OSD said rest. He continued to rest. Pain did not go away and began to get worse. We FINALLY went to the doctor and a MRI later the cause of his pain was discovered. Two small tears in is meniscus in his left knee. He had arthroscopic surgery to repair the tears. He will be out for 3 months, but will be ready for his spring season in HS. We should have gone to the doctor sooner saved him about a month of pain and saved mom and dad a month of worry and trying to diagnose son's pain. Go to the Doctor and get and get an opinion. Good luck.
More likely, you are dealing with OSGOOD-SCHLATTER'S DISEASE.

Sounds worse than it is. Google it and I bet the symptoms match. Could be your young man is hitting another growth spurt. Certainly, it would be a good idea to see a doctor, who would more than likely tell him to ease up on activity until the pain dies down.
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Both of my boys have OSD. Oldest is a catcher and had to quit the position for two years before high school. Now he is 20 and the pain only disappeared within the last couple of years. Younger son doesn't have it as bad. Running cross-country this fall seems to have really helped. However, where he was a speed demon and elite level s****r player up to age 12, he is nowhere near that fast anymore.
Sounds like Osgood-schlatter to me although you should definitely check with a doctor. My son had this when he was growing, big painful lumps right under the knee caps. Lots of ice, Advil and rest as much as possible. Also you can buy elastic straps to put around his leg under the knee caps, if it is not too painful. They do grow out of it.
Thanks for all your advice.I have a docters appt.for later in the week.It certainly does mimmick OSD.I had never heard of it.We threw today & he said it didn't really bother him.I guess that means it is not something rest won't take care of.We will er on the side of caution,no action until we here from the good doctor.Thanks again
my son just had arthroscopic surgery last wednesday. his knee was swollen and would make a sound when he bent it. the pain would come and go. he told the coach (he's a freshman in college) and they sent him to an orthopedic the next day. He had meniscus tears. the doctor told him that if he continued to play baseball and not have it taken care of he could eventually have ACL problems. get it checked a.s.a.p. The recovery is pretty quick.
We went to see Dr. Sunshine(yes really)yesterday.Good news.He has aggravated the patella tendon, which is what connects the knee-cap(patella)to the shin-bone.Sounds like OSD to me, but the doc did not call it that. Maybe because the pain was not frequent or severe enough. He is feeling better, but will start some physical therapy on Monday.gimages,thanks for the brace info.
Do not take OSD lightly!!!
I do have it and it's not good at all. Depending on how you got OSD will help you seek how much pain will be involved. I got mine in my right knee by making an accidental slide. The swelling was extremely painful. I'm not sure the name of the bone, but I think it was my tibia, and it was and still is sticking out my knee 1 1/2 inches because of servere swelling near my growth plate. Make sure go to the doctors and get his knee x-rayed ammediaty by a doctor. It could only be a small injury but better safe than sorry. If your son's symptoms are normal than he should have trouble running for an extended period of time. Another problem is the bump on his knee will be there years and years or the rest of his life if it is servere. The best thing to do is just get a brace ar pad to protect his knee for awile and as the pain starts going away it'll be fine.

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