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i don't try to bash D3 or others that have JV teams but I remind parents that with those programs you have to ask a lot of questions about numbers and where they see their kid.  just my experience.  A lot of D3 schools have part of the coach's salary connected to how many players he gets on campus so there is a large incentive to bring guys on even if you never plan to use them.  Recruiting is a two way street and it is tough to know whether to trust coaches.  I remind people all the time that recruiting is about the coaches trusting the players and the players/families trusting the coach.  Both can get burnt and both can be very upright.  Hard to know what you are getting.  That is why it is important to do your just background checking.

Good stuff PitchingFan.  Thank you for sharing,

This thread started with the PO saying (s)he was "Not sure if my son is a D1 possibility or not."  Where the thread went was a discussion about D1 vs. D3 recruiting.  The timelines and much else about them are pretty different, and that's why advice about one is not necessarily relevant for the advice about the other (or JUCO or anything else).  A player in this situation has to understand both, that's where it gets complicated.

The most frustrating statement to hear is "could be D1 if his numbers get to D1 numbers." Neither you nor anyone else can really tell whether that will happen or not.  Really, there's no such thing as "possibly D1." At any given moment, for recruiting, there is either "D1" or "not D1." If your numbers (fastball, 60-time, pop-time, exit velocity) are D1-level numbers, then you should be getting exposure right now, whether at camps, showcases, games, etc.  If not, then getting seen by D1 coaches is not going to accomplish much.

What "don't showcase until you have something to show" means is, if you are a pitcher and you are not at 90+ (88+?), then D1s will not be interested yet. Especially if you are shorter than 6'. Sure, they might keep an eye on you (and dozens of others), but they won't do anything until you are actually what they want - so, why pay the money for camps before they would actually care? Coaches are less interested in kids with potential than they are interested in kids who are already there - and there are plenty of those. If/when you hit 90 (88?) that is the time to go to camps, showcases, etc. - or just be seen in travel games. If it's the summer after junior year and you haven't hit that number, that's when all levels from D1 to D3 will be recruiting, so then you go to camps, etc. of schools that are a good fit.



Hi MN-Mom, I deleted the referenced post from mine... let me know if you want my whole post deleted.  I felt the end message was worth while to Rocky and others but happy to strike it if that is the preference.


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Moderators have taken some actions behind the scenes yesterday and today, warning and reminding a couple of members about our community rules (Board Manners). I deleted RJM's reply above which I agree was inappropriate, but I see that it's been copied/quoted a few times.

Just a reminder: Please be respectful, especially TO new members who are still getting acquainted with our community, and if you ARE a new member, for the same reason. Thanks!

Thank you MN-Mom.  This is a fabulous site.  Incredible information.  I have been at this for two years and everyday I learn something new.  From what I have found, the vast majority of folks on here have been very welcoming.  Thanks for keeping it civilized.

One of the reasons to attend a D1 prospect camp is that there are other schools that may be in attendance.  Not uncommon for a D1 school to invite other D2s, D3s, NAIA and JUCOs to a camp to help coach up and evaluate the players.  For example, the FIU (D1) camp also had Barry (D2), St. Thomas (NAIA) Florida National (NAIA) and ASA (JC).  Many times the coaches have great relationships with each other.  And while a player may not be opening the eyes of the D1 coaches, it might be a great opportunity to be seen by the other coaches that are there.  Might give a player a chance to introduce themselves to a coach from one of the other schools at the very least.  Later, after a follow-up email to the coach from the player, the player can attend that particular school's camp with some hope of (maybe) being on the radar.  But again, it's extremely helpful to have some dialogue with the coaches before popping up at a camp expecting to get discovered.  

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