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In the absence of specific responses to your post, I can provide the following suggestions/advice:

1) Search/check previous posts on Patriot League school recruiting including Bucknell, Lafayette, and Holy Cross.  I know there are several folks on this Board that have shared their recruiting experiences.   Go to the magnifying glass in the top right corner and search away.    My son was initially recruited/offered by Lafayette however that was 10 years ago, and you are probably looking for something more recent.  All the Patriot League schools (including Army and Navy of course) are fantastic in their own right.  My neighbors (both husband and wife engineers) two doors down went to Lehigh and speak very highly of their educational experience, although they are highly critical of their school colors...I believe their term for it is "poop brown".   Sometimes you can't have it all.  ;-)

Lehigh University Heritage Sweatshirt [Brown) L / Brown

2) Many of these recruits are also recruited and offered by Ivy and D3 HA schools but for different reasons.   Understanding the similarities and differences between Patriot, D3 HA and Ivy can be very important for a recruited athlete who has options.

3) If you or your son (not sure who you are) are seriously considering the Patriot League and engineering that is probably a whole separate conversation.   Send me a PM if that is the case.   Lehigh is known for their engineering program which is why I'm bringing it up.   Again, this website has specific situations and suggestions should engineering be part of the equation.   Use the search button to check out what others have written.

Good luck!

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Lehigh students have been proud of the “Brown & White” since 1867 — two years after the school's founding. When the school was founded, individual classes had their own unique colors. Soon the university realized it needed colors that could unify the entire student body. The explanation behind choosing brown and white has gone missing from the official history books. But Lehigh folklore offers up one suggestion: A woman wearing fashionable brown and white stockings crossed the path of a group of men discussing school colors and, as they say, the rest is history.

Brown & White

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