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It's long overdue but I just made a contribution to the site administrators. I can't tell you how much this free site has helped me and my family.

I encourage my fellow browsers and contributors to consider giving something to the site admins this holiday season so that the next schlub like me can find amazing people and actionable information for free.

Thanks to everyone who's had a hand in this site. It's the last perfect place on the Internet.

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Thank you so much to the 3 members who contributed to website expenses at Thanksgiving time, it was much appreciated!

As the owner of the site, I'm asking other members to consider supporting the site with a PayPal donation in the new year.

TO DONATE, you can click the yellow Donate button on this page:

Many members are new and may not know that my family pays almost $400 per month for the hosting, software and security tools that power this website and community. We've chosen to avoid popup ads and other annoying money makers. Instead, most months I pay the full cost out of my pocket. But as I approach retirement I appreciate any help that members choose to chip in.



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