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Hi, I have a 14 y.o. 2025 LHP who is coming along nicely.  He's 5ft 11, 170lb, touching 80 in the past few weeks; truly commanding 3 pitches and working on CB.  ERA around 1.0  last year and 1.6 so far this year in majors travel ball; over 1 1/2 k/inn. He has just been killing it.  In the past couple weeks, I've been getting some emails and calls asking about his fall ball plans and whether he'd be interested in this or that club.  I'm hoping some fellow LHP parents can help me with some development/recruiting advice.  He definitely has P5 aspirations. 

So I'm thinking of still doing what I've done every year and hold him out of fall ball again and not let him throw at all for 3-4 months.  His current organization wanted to put him on their 1 team last year but I declined as I thought it was too much ball.  They've already said that he would be on the 1 team again for this fall.  They seem OK with us skipping that again and I think he'll be put on their 1 summer/fall team in the rising soph year. I don't think I'm burning bridges there.  LOL though, HS coach asking about fallball...

So he's been working out at a gym for around 9 months now.  He'll keep that up in the fall and winter.

He'll be going to his first PG WWBA this summer so there is a chance he might get good baseline measurables and writeup. 

So my questions are: 

Does the above seem pretty reasonable?  I'm thinking I'll wait to let him start playing all year long beginning his Soph fall season.   Or do you think I could even let him take that fall season off also? That would actually be my preference.  What did you do with your pitcher?

I was looking at throwing programs.  There is one pretty highly regarded one locally.  Also I was checking out the Texas baseball ranch  and driveline websites.  Everything seems so pricey.  But I'm guessing Velo will come naturally for him to 83-85 mph or so as he matures and then perhaps he will need more fine tuned help to get above that?  Does everyone who throws 90+ go to a program of some sort?

How would you or did you play this out?  I assume if he gets to 85+ from left side by sophomore year, that's when the college interest will start?  I'd be interested in some general plans or suggestions. 


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what does he look like, physically?  is he getting the puberty bump, past it already or still waiting for it?  with my 2023 and this past covid year (p/3b/c), we've found that reps are great and his game cleaned up a lot but the biggest gains he got was from having weights in the garage and getting strong.  if your kid is going to take the fall off, that's a great time to go into beast mode in the weight room.

He's in the late part of growth spurt.  He'll end  up around 6ft 1 to 6ft 2.   Body is not defined at all yet unlike my 2023.  My 2023 MIF, in like 2 months time at age 16.5, all of a sudden started getting ripped and bringing it.  He's kinda shrimpy at 5ft 9, 150, and now throwing 83 across the INF.   That's why I think 2025 will be easily throwing 85+ in a couple years.

I'd recommend getting on a solid S&C program if he's not already, and checking out what Driveline and Tread Athletics offer in the way of remote programming.

For a kid of your son's age and ability whose touching 80, if you get him on a decent weighted ball program and start lifting consistently, not at all a stretch to imagine him pushing upper 80's/low 90's by the end of high school.

Thx tb15.  He's pretty self motivated so I might do a remote program.  I reread the above.  So his team went to the 14 wbba and lost every game.  Lol.  He pitched well though.  0 era in 7 total.  Hit 79 a few times and sat 75-77.  Another update. I gave in and signed up for fall ball on that team.  They're very good at pressure.  Kinda like trying to buy a car in the old days.  Or a time share.

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