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Hello,   16.5year old Lefty sophmore throwing consistant true 80-82 fb.  I know this topic is discussed on older threads but would love some feedback.                                    6'1 205.  Large frame but done growing for sure.But lifts religously. Very good control and shifty curveball. (by far his best pitch) realisticaly I think he may get FB to 85.   3.8 GPA.  of course he dreams of D1 but it may not be in the cards.                                                            question is : do D1 schools even look at him or not?



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Lhp Dad

a few years ago at our Texas Rangers Area Code team tryout at TCU, I noticed a 6' 5" Lhp throwing 85 mph. I ask our Rangers GM, "what about this pitcher" Randy said "no Bob he does not throw with velocity". I overruled Randy and place the pitcher on my 900 team.

True Story:

the young man returned to Houston and gained 10 mph and in June was a 1st round draft.

"you never know"! Keep the faith!


When I see “dreams of D1” I get concerned. If it’s realistic, go for it. But I get concerned a kid will place himself in the wrong prospect pool and not get noticed. Unless a player is a potential top ten round pro prospect education should come first. The player should be looking for the best possible education and baseball experience regardless of division level.

There are some advantages of opportunity to being a left handed pitcher. But the goal should be to get on the field not on the team.

If his GPA is unweighted 3.5 or better with challenging courses and he can get a high SAT/ACT score the Ivies or Patriot League might be an option with a little more velocity.

thank you all for replies. when I say he " dreams of d1" I guess like most kids it's always a dream, but I am very realistic with him.  He runs a 4.8 40 and takes all honors or high honors classes. We always stress academics. I am a teacher and have seen many kids not get into schools bc of academics.   But growing up as a lefty pitcher people always say what an advanrage it is.... He would be happy playing anywhere but also as a lefty I don't see him at ss or 3b.   I always thought being a lefty separated him as a pitcher.  But I feel his velo may not get much higher and am just looking for some feedback.

Thank you again to all.


Yes, and he has the potential to get a lot of looks across other NCAA levels

Your son has a lot going for him.   Use those "tailwinds" (academics, LHP, frame, etc...)  to target schools that are looking for someone like your son.   He still has time to further develop, and put some polish on his skills.   Also, don't get hung up on the "D1 thing".   As RJM stated, getting on the field should be the athletic goal.   Folks get hung up on the D1 label because they don't understand there is a great big college baseball universe out there.


Yes, they will absolutely look at him if he is in a spot to be seen. Does he play for a travel team that gets to big tournaments? Does that org have connections to colleges far and wide? If the answer is no, then its time to fix that one way or another.

Your son will play somewhere, if he wants to play. Don't rule our JUCOS, in the current environment of packed rosters at the D1 level, he may get better playing time and development at a JUCO. JMO

@2020Lefty posted:

Yes, they will absolutely look at him if he is in a spot to be seen. Does he play for a travel team that gets to big tournaments? Does that org have connections to colleges far and wide? If the answer is no, then its time to fix that one way or another.

Your son will play somewhere, if he wants to play. Don't rule our JUCOS, in the current environment of packed rosters at the D1 level, he may get better playing time and development at a JUCO. JMO

“he may get better playing time and development at a JUCO “

This has always been true for 90% of HS players that advance to play in college. Covid has only added strength to the argument - and it’s even more true for position players. You don’t get better sitting on a bench and JUCO baseball is way better than people realize. Last Thursday I saw Grayson and McLennan play a DH in Waco, TX.  There were more scouts in the stands than fans - and there were a lot of fans!

@Osh1001 posted:

Ok. Thanks for all the input.

He just moved to a team that will travel east coast. Fla, Georgia tournaments on schedule so. So at least some opportunities.Been to 1 pg showcase 15 months ago...    Has had a couple camp invites. Not against JC at all. Just trying to figure out best fit at best level...


There is a 2022 we know (he was a 2021 but reclassed, re-did Jr. year HS at private school) who is an LHP, max velo of 83 mph, but is an excellent pitcher with good curve/off speed.  He just committed to Lafeyette.   He's not a big as your son.   I am unsure where he is academically.    I just put this out here so you know D1 patriot league could be a good fit down the line too. 

My son didn’t want to be a college pitcher. But he wanted to excel as a high school pitcher. And arm strength is good for any position. He worked with a pitching coach in the fall of his junior year. He went from cruise 82/83 Max 85 to cruise 87/88 Max 90 with improved mechanics and listening to a new coach. He was at the point where he was tuning out his travel pitching coach of three years and me. The new pitching coach didn’t tell him anything we hadn’t told him. But it was a new, independent voice.

He did grow from 6’ 160 to 6’1 170 and added strength. But I believe the mechanics improvement was part of it.

I have a 6-2 LHP that is as strong as an ox - - 210 lbs.  High school he topped out at 82 on a good day.  Today he sits 85-87 and can touch 90 on a good day.  He went the D3 route.  3.4 GPA and a 32 ACT.  Used baseball to get into a school he was just barely able to qualify for.  Best decision he made... period.  We tried hard for a D1 program....  got looks from Ivy and Patriot teams.  But he went where he was loved and it has made all the difference.  Made friends for life and had fun while still getting the opportunity to play the game he loves.

My son came up through a very competitive Norcal high school program that was nationally ranked when he was on the team.  Several of his former teammates  were fixated on D1 and in some cases justifiably.  They were all that.  PG rank XYZ, played on the right travel program.  Went to North Carolina for the USA Baseball team, etc....  Three of his teammates went to P5 programs while others went to strong programs that have been to the NCAA in recent memory.

Today -- all of them are either struggling to hang on, find themselves on the bench, had to change D1 programs a couple times, etc...  Several were starters in 2019 on their respective college teams and are now on the bench, replaced by the coach's new shinny object.  In other cases, they have just struggled to make the jump to be the stud in college that they were in high school.  

Find the right program, the right school and the right fit.  

I have a sophomore in college that is 5'10" now 182 lost 20 pounds this year on purpose.  Sat 86-88 in high school and not sits 86-90 touched 91 this year touched 92 in high school.  But has great control of all pitches which include 2 seam, 4 seam, slider, curve, and change-up.  He is at a P5 and getting innings as early reliever, middle reliever, closer and situational guy.  Has pitched 2 pitches one game to get a guy and 4 pitches another.  Has .000 era with 15 innings so far which does not sound like a lot but top guy only has 27 so he is #5 in innings pitched behind the four starters.

I don't think the speed is the key, I think it is the pitchability with LHP's.  Can you show a batter 4 pitches in an at bat?  The level of play also depends on what you are willing to do as a LHP with 90 or below velo.  Are you willing to come out of the bullpen rather than start?  I know if he had gone a lower level he would have been starter but he is content with his role right now.  Very stressful at times when they bring you in with bases loaded and no outs and say get us out of this but works for some guys.  Are you willing to be a guy versus the guy and maybe not throw at all on a weekend or very little according to what the starter does or the other relievers?  Just some thoughts.  Each player and parent have to decide what they are willing to do to get where they want to get.

Osh1001, my high GPA 2022 LHP son was in the same boat a year ago.  Most of the "rules of thumb" regarding velocity are geared toward RHPs, with vague caveats for LHPs.  Everyone says you should be realistic about the schools you target, but how do you get a realistic assessment of your son's prospects?  PM me if you'd like.  I'd be happy to share my son's experience speaking with high academic schools.

At 16 it is unlikely he is at his physical peak. Some genotypes mature earlier than others. If he doesn't have a full beard, squat 400+ and bench around 300 then he has a ways to go. No amount of lifting before his body is ready is going to achieve much. Besides physical maturation, mechanics are usually where the bug chunks of velo can be found. I just checked my sons stats for that age. He was 6 feet tall and threw 82 at his first PG event. At 21 he is over 6'3'' and has touched 95; and just yesterday he said he had figured something else out with his mechanics.

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