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Don't post here as often as I used to, but wanted to share something that I hope will help ground us all in what is really important about our kids playing baseball...

My college sophomore-age son has had a bit of a frustrating year so far.  He has given up 2 runs that were really unearned (left fielder lost an easy pop up in the sun) but has been stuck in the bullpen and hasn't seen much time on the mound.  Don't get me wrong, my son isn't the ace of the team.  He's a good pitcher but so are many others on the team.

He and I were texting earlier this week and  I asked him about the situation and what I got was a response that made me pause... "I can't control it, I am going to do me and let the rest work itself out."

 This lesson is going to serve him well for the rest of his life.  Honestly — it's why I think we all should be thrilled our kids play baseball…the life lessons are bigger than the plays on the field.  

Sometimes — I think we as baseball parents lose our perspective.

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Sometimes parents become protective of their kids when they don’t need it. One time in high school I was ticked off at my son’s coach. I thought he publicly humiliated him. When I brought it up in the car a second time my son snapped at me, “Get over it! I have.”

I am sorry I missed this post.  I am coaching a young lady who has tremendous potential but as I tell her, potential means that she hasn't done anything yet.  She can't help herself.  She is so negative about her ability and beats herself up all of the time.  On Friday, we were hitting live and I had made my mind up that I needed to be quiet and let her swing.  Sometimes, a coach can over coach and do more damage than good.  So, she hits a couple out and says to me, "sometimes I just have to get out of my own way."  Yup!  It is pretty neat when they finally do figure things out.  It seems you have done well as a parent.  

Going through a similar situation with my college freshman. The team is doing well. Strong starting rotation with pitchers going deep into games. Deep bullpen, several guys in front of him. He is not seeing many innings. My heart is breaking for him.

But the team is tight. He is making some good friends. He is getting good mentoring from the senior guys. If I bring it up with him he is dismissive and protective of the team. He seems to be embracing his situation.

All in all I am pretty happy for my little guy. He is adjusting well to the next level.

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