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I’m getting there.  Kid is a 2022 – graduates in June.  Committed to play in college.  Started T-ball at six.  Did Little League through age 12.  Played travel ball from 8U through 17U.  Was on the baseball teams at Middle School and High School.  It’s been 13 years now, a crazy fun ride, and hopefully he gets another four in college.

It goes fast.

If there’s one thing that I learned, it’s that those who went before you have a much better perspective on things than you do at the moment.  Ask them questions, listen to what they are saying, and learn from them.

When you are in the moment, you sometimes lose all perspective.  Something that seems really important at 8U, you will learn later was meaningless.  Something that kept you up at night at 12U, will be embarrassing (because of how you behaved) when you look back it four years later.

I’m not saying that it’s possible to avoid all those learning lessons.  But, you can make an effort to learn from others who have gone through the process and maybe help yourself out a little bit and make the journey easier for both you and your son.

I have seen some who never learn and it doesn’t help their kid.

Maybe you – as the parent - can get away with some thoughts, emotions and behavior when they are very young.  Many fall into that trap and it’s less noticeable when you are doing it because so many are doing it.  But, as your kid gets older, everything will be easier and better for all concerned if you talk to people who have been there before you and listen to what they are saying and learn from their experiences.

Not saying it isn’t hard.  And, for sure, it’s easy to slip back into that mode at times.  But, don’t assume that you know it all and that others don’t know better.

I’m not perfect now – and I am far from it.  But, I am so much better now than I possibly could have been if not for listening to those who went down the road before me.

I see some of those parents who never learned.  It’s really am unfavorable situation.

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