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When feasible, take limited cuts per round.  Always have a single specific thing you are working on for each round.  If a coach is working with you, whatever he is suggesting becomes your "single specific thing".  If BP is live throwing, whether soft toss or throw, ask for a few more seconds between reps so you can regroup and stay focused and purposeful.  Include an occasional round where your only thought is "see it, hit it".  Mix it up.  Break up rounds by working bunts, hit-and-run, oppo, 0-2 count, etc.  Make sure you are getting fundamentally sound instruction so you are confident that your hard work will eventually produce desired results. 


You have the right idea - it is about quality, not quantity (but it still takes LOTS of hard work).  Practicing bad habits just makes you better at being bad.

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Originally Posted by GoldenGraham34:

Good, thank you so much!!! When I was hitting off the tee today, I felt a lot more focused when doing what you said.  Also, if I'm having two things I want to work on, should I be practicing one round with one problem and the next round the second problem? Or should I try to focus on both of them at the same time?

Do one thing at a time and do it well...

Originally Posted by GoldenGraham34:

I was just wondering how you can make every swing count, whether it be on a tee or batting practice. At my practice yesterday I could feel myself drifting off on some of my swings, when I know I shouldn't be. What can I do to make every swing purposeful?

You're exactly right. Just think about how many swings you can take on a tee and subtly you start making mistakes and creating bag swing mechanics. However if you focus on specific mechanics that you want to improve on, you're much more likely to have positive muscle memory on a tee, rather than just "taking cuts on the tee". 


You can check out this tee and see if it fits what you are thinking about. Depending upon what "drifting off" means to you, here are two different drills that you can do. 


One is called the firm front side drill. 


And the other is called the stay inside the ball drill



You can also check out our Facebook page for more info:



The best advice for learning to hit is - slow down, take your time and take a break after 7 cuts.  Doesn't matter what philosophy, drills, technique......whatever.  If you're rushing through it or not paying attention to what you're doing it will go wrong.


Nobody is putting quarters in a machine where you have a limited amount of time between pitches.  Even in practice during team BP you can slow down.  The faster you work the more likely of mistakes creep in which lead to bad habits.


After about 7 cuts you start to feel the tired in your arms.  So once you get past that 7th swing you end up doing things wrong.  Take a break, get some water, catch your breath, go field some grounders, whatever - then come back and take some more.

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