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What can you all tell me?
Here is what I know:
Very Good conference (C-USA)
Not very good W-L record
NEW Coach (1st time Head coach, most recently Asst Coach at NC State)

PS I know Marshall has a Journalism/Mass Comm dept./Major which my son is interested in.

Any comments are appreciated! Feel free to send me a PM as well.
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jbbaseball.... the biggest challenge at Marshall is that football gets the love there. Baseball is very much a stepchild. I don't know where it stands in regard to a new field, but my son was told two years ago they were getting one, but in reality nothing was beginning.

The school is very nice and had absolutely some of the nicest folks of any campus we ever visited.

I don't know the new coach, but perhaps he came with strings attached for additional support. I hope so... Marshall could be something special if they would really try.

I agree with lafmom. Baseball has very much been the ugly duckling of Marshall sports for a long time.

It is true that there is a new head coach. There was a new head coach last year and he resigned at the end of the 2006 season.

However, the top 2007 graduate in state [West Virginia] baseball player [IMHO of course] Eric Segula(sp) has signed to play there and he said in an newspaper interview that he had high hopes for the program and the new coach. We shall see. But the program has not had much luck in keeping any head baseball coach for very long in the recent past and I do not know why.

Sorry I could not be more help.

But the program has not had much luck in keeping any head baseball coach for very long in the recent past and I do not know why

TW - I think like any other job, if you're not given the resources and support to do your job... you can only try for so long. My son does know a pitcher that went there for the '06 season.... was a very good HS pitcher. I assume he's still there.

If you visit there jbbaseball, just make sure you ask some very pertinent questions involving support for the program.
I think you are misinformed about Marshall keeping its head coaches. The recently departed head coach, Dave Piepenbrink, was there for about 10 years. It was his assistant, Rick Reed (former MLB pitcer) who resigned earlier after just one year.

The big problem at Marshall has always been that they had horrible baseball facilities, but that is being addressed. Go to their web site and look for the information. A new on campus baseball field is being plannned, with an indoor practice facility that, while built with the football team in mind, will be available for the baseball team for practices when the weather is poor in January and February. the new coach is young, and from a solid program, so he should be able to move Marshall to a higher level (which it needs to be in the very competitive CUSA.)
I know 2 current players at Marshall. They are disappointed as far as their facilities go. They were assured when they were recruited that they would be upgraded, but to this point it has been nothing more than lip service. They will graduate after this season, after transferring from a JUCO, so they probably will not be a part of the end result. They are however, satisfied with the new head coach. They feel as though he is definitely committed to making them and the program better. The 2005 season in my opinion was a positive for the program, as they made the C-USA tourney and finished just under .500. With a coach on the way out the door, things could have been alot worse. 2006 may be a struggle as only a few position players who contributed last year return.

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