Just got back from this game wherein two of Michigan's smaller guys (ref: discussion about this on main forum last week) hit a couple nice bombs in the game.

Biondi (listed: 5'9", 163)and Delaney (5'11", 170) both hit solo shots to pace the Wolverines.

Hooray for the under 6' guys!!!!
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Michigan State has really developed a nice program. I hate it when they lose. I'm a little biased though. My nephew played for them and graduated in 2010. In the Blue Jays org now.
As a MSU alumni [1954 College World Series] and Big 10 Champions.

MSU football team went to the Rose Bowl. We had 3 QB's on the baseball team, including Earl Morrall and Tom Yewcic both NFL QB. Three baseball players "made it" to the MLB.

I was drafted by Uncle SAM
We have a '54' team reunion each 5 years.
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FYI - Eastern Michigan have beat BOTH U of M (swept season series) and State (1-1) this year.

EMU seems to be the oft forgotten program in the state, but have dominated "B1G" teams the last couple years now.

Just thought I'd throw that out there Wink

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