My son is a sophomore in college, and he received an email with a link to fill out a rather lengthy questionnaire. They were a lot medical and family history questions. I was just wanted to know if this was something that all 2020 first year draft eligible players get. Now they want eye exam information. I just want to know if this is a legitimate MLB link, or if it was just a group trying to get personal information from my son.

 Has anyone seen and email like this?  


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It is legitimate and time consuming.  The eye exam came out a few weeks ago.  It allows all the teams to get some info and then if they want more info they will ask.  Allows your player to answer questions on his time and get general questions answered.  Just remind him to answer everything honestly and as accurately as possible.  They will ask the same thing in multiple ways through various forms of contact.  It is not bad to keep a small data base of the specific questions and how he answered them for future use and to keep from having to figure it up again.

My son also received the request from the Chicago Cubs and MLB. He is a sophomore in JUCO. His advisor too said it was legit. We had to complete his physical and then submit it separately from the prospect link and they sent us a email that ended in so I agree with the poster above that it is legit. 

Everybody is kinda leary of phishing schemes and I guess until the word gets out in amateur baseball that this is how MLB does it, I guess there will be some skepticism. 

The video is awesome that is on the prospect link. Very exciting. 

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