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Another non COVID baseball thread ...

What MLB parks have you seen a game?

Since I’ve lived in multiple locations and traveled for business as I started listing I figured it might be easier to list the stadiums I haven’t been in and closed stadiums I have. I often went to a game my last night in town when traveling.

AL - Haven’t been in The Trop, Kaufman and Minute Maid. Have been in Exposition (Jays), The Hump (Twins) and Astro Dome.

NL - .Haven't been to Marlins, Truist (Braves), Miller (Brewers) and Chase (D’backs). Have been in Shea (Mets), The Vet (Phillies), Turner (Braves), Jarry (Expos), The Murph (Padres) and Candlestick.

I’ve been in Fenway, The Vet, Citizens, Sky Dome, Wrigley, Guaranteed, Dodger, Anaheim and The Murph many times. 

However, one game I’ll never forget was a A ball game between the Modesto A’s and Palm Springs Angels on Fifty Cent Union Card Night. Everything was fifty cents. The stands were loaded. The game sold out too. 

** The dream is free. Work ethic sold separately. **

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NL - Shea Stadium

AL - Old Yankee Stadium, Memorial Stadium (Orioles), Camden Yards and old Tiger Stadium.  Have been told Nats Park is very nice though I haven't been there yet. 

I just noticed that of the 5 stadiums I listed, four no longer exist. 

Also been to several minor league stadiums as well -  BB&T ball park (Winston-Salem), Stadium where the MD Blue Crabs play, Bowie Stadium and Potomac Nationals stadium in Prince William County.


during the 1st year in the California State League, I was accepted by the Redwood Pioneers to be one of the radio announcers at Rohnert Park. The Lead announcer was Ken Korach, now Oakland A's Lead announcer.

During my years developing the AC games, I was constantly in contact with the 30 Scouting Directors.

For 5 years, Father John, a Jesuit Priest from and my former teammate at MSU requested a tour of East Coast Baseball Stadiums.

He arranged the stops each year to see as many games in 6 days and I called the Scouting Directors of the Red Sox, Orioles, Yankees, Phillies and Mets and arranged the tickets for his group of "Fathers". We both had our "tryouts" at Briggs Stadium [Detroit Tigers]. The Tigers signed John and Uncle Sam signed me to a 2 year contract.


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Camden yard (favorite)

Yankee stadium (old)

Comerica park (tigers)

Tiger stadium- Still have my Lou Whitaker game day bat. One of my favorite players growing up. 

Guaranteed rate (white sox)

Citizens Bank (phillies)

National park (wash)

Truist Park  and Turner field (Braves)

Miller park (brewers)  Best tailgating by far!






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