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I think that max effort is another thing that should come into play when talking about the most difficult sports. Max effort is part of my golf game and not typically for the pros, but I’m often three fairways to the right… There’s not a lot of max effort in boxing, I’m not sure about wrestling (it’s probably there, but only visible to those that understand the sport).

Baseball has a great blend of technique and max effort, and you can still have a conversation about anything while at the game…

As a HS shot putter, I once threw a 12 lb. shot between Brian Oldfield and Al Feuerbach (both former world record holders) tossing a 16 lb. shot. I’m not sure there’s a more pinpoint focused max effort moment than a world-class shot-put throw.

@VA_Mom posted:

Caleb Williams, the USC quarterback says swimming is harder than football - he does NOT say what sport is the most difficult.

It just matters how you define "difficult"   

Football can become very difficult if you are small or slow, and out right dangerous if you are both.

Kind of like high level swimming being very hard if you can't swim....   jm2c

My son's team once went bowling between games at a tournament, we wondered if it would mess up a baseball swing.  Obviously not.

My son always golfed right handed so affecting his swing wouldn't be an issue. I mentioned I also learned how to golf right-handed. But, it was due to the lack of lefthanded clubs when I was a kid.

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