Well my 2019 RHP moves in to his college apartment today (D1 JUCO).   He is my oldest so I am dreading the "good byes" etc....  Has his first college bullpen tomorrow.   Scrimmages start next week.   No easy transition into this fall season!  First game of the fall is the weekend of September 7.   Thank goodness he worked out and threw all summer.   Thanks to many of you on this site for all the info over the years.   

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I feel you!  My son 2019 catcher moved in last Saturday to a D1 Juco - and Sunday they were already practicing . They have their 1st showcase this sat - in front of D1 coaches - 

My son is loving it ...


looking at their Fall schedule - they play some Top  D1 schools 

Driving my 2019 RHP 12 hours to mid major D1 tommorow- Yikes!

It should be a cool drive. they start throwing bull puns right before labor day.  Should be an interesting Fall.  I was previously a little worried about it, but he has pitched  well this summer and he seems to be excited so that has removed any of my tension.  

He is my middle son and now I will have my 15 yr old Daughter left in our shrinking home.  

anyone have a big athletic 5 or 6 year old that needs to be adopted?

Ahhhh, that time of year...  best wishes to y'all.

Fishnsail, that should be "growing" home, not shrinking.  An open bedroom, more room in the fridge, less piles of laundry clogging the hallways, less ball gear in the garage, less competition for the TV/computer/car...  I liked it better when it was crowded and busy 

Son did make it home for a visit between finishing the college summer ball coaching duties and heading back to his new coaching gig next week.  We held our annual reunion with some of his old college roomies and families, including another esteemed HSBBW member    Been a blast but, man, I'm worn out.   

Goosegg posted:

For you freshman parents, I would urge you'll to move heaven and earth to go to as many games as you can possibly attend over his college career.

It's over so fast and there is no time machine.

I quite agree.  Son's JuCo and the D2 he eventually went to were about 4-5 hours away from home.  We attended as many home stands as we could (usually once a month - two if we were lucky).   Looking back I regret not going to more of them.  In some cases the away games were closer and we always tried to make those games to show support for the team.

His last year of playing was 2015 and we still miss it.   The good news is he will finally get his degree this December (long story).

Twins are headed off soon and I’ve been openly saying I’m going to struggle.  But, I’m actually looking forward to my son heading out and giving me updates how things are going (he better).  He took summer ball off to train, so I haven’t seen him pitch since early June.  I’m chomping at the bit!

School is just a little more than an hour away and I plan on going to all games, even if not playing.  He’s been a PO since sophomore year of HS, so I’m used to watching and cheering for the team, even if he’s riding pine.

6 months and 1 day until first pitch!!

Joke:  Priest and Minister were having a theological debate.  Priest:  in the Roman Catholic religion, we believe that life begins at conception.  Minister:  in our faith we believe that life begins at birth.  A Rabbi was listening and interjected:  in our faith, we believe that life begins when the dog dies and the last child moves out of the house!

Heyooo!!  I'm here all week.

Oldest leaves for school early next week, a week early but he now has an apartment right next to campus. He and his roommates are ready to catch up and back to work...AT LEAST THAT IS WHAT HE TELLS ME. I feel like some pregameing, cornhole and associated activities may be a bit more important to the arrival date! 

Youngest leaves for freshman year on the 23rd...will be empty nesters in 8 days. Can't wait!! I have no doubt it will be a bit odd for a day or so but man we are gonna have some fun!

Still have the damn dog but he likes the kennel, which is good because he is gonna see plenty of it!! I may have to offer them a yearly fee for unlimited boarding and see what they say!  

Fall ball starts 9/7 I am told but honestly have been around long enough to know that fall ball kinda sucks! 

baseballmom posted:

Think about it, folks... You're nearing the TARGET:

Off YOUR Payroll   

A friend’s daughter came home after graduation. She started whining about lack of access to a car. Her father suggested she get a full time job and buy one. Based on the twenty-two years of pampering this girl received it must have hit her in the face like a bag of bricks.

Good luck to all the college freshmen and their parents!   Lots of work ahead for your sons.  Stay healthy!  

Agree with Goosegg, it goes fast so try to see as many games as possible.   Make time.   Heck I was 8 hours away, and my wife and I saw most of his games.   We got into a routine.   Mondays were tough but we did it.  

All three of my sons are off the payroll...it feels like I got a huge raise.   My wife and I feel 25 years old again!

My second year baseball player has been working out all summer at his school and coming home on weekends to earn some money (not much, his bank account yesterday was $11). He told me he was struggling to find people to throw with the last week or so because a lot of the guys were taking a week or so off before school started.

I suggested he could as well, and he said no. Nothing else. Just no.

Made me laugh, and cry, because it means we'll have to continue to subsidize his trips to Steak n'Shake for the next year, but very proud of the hard work he's been putting in year around.


Iowamom23 posted:

... his bank account yesterday was $11).

...and he said no. Nothing else. Just no.


Ooooh, double digits!  Not bad!      Yeah, we'd get the same one word answers except when he realized he was gonna need the double digit bank account boosted a bit.  Then, he'd sing like a canary.

If you've read my other posts, my son de-committed from a D1 in Southern Calif, and signed with a D1 in Northern Calif.  On his official visit to the So Cal school, he bonded with the other recruits and existing players, and kept in touch with them...and still a few now.  He just connected with all the freshman recruits at the school he'll attend.  Within a few short days they already seem to be good friends.   They've made plans for dinner after move in tomorrow.  It's looking like a great beginning, after the long wait.

To all those moving in...well wishes to a successful season and college experience!

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