My 2019 son committed - Debunking the Myth that D1 programs are done recruiting 2019s, 2020s, etc.

Missouri has 2 2020 Commits

Kansas State has 0 2020 commits

Oklahoma State has 4 2020 commits

Texas Tech has 4 2020 commits.

Those are just ones I pulled up in 5 minutes.  There is still a lot of recruiting going on in P5.  Everyday I am seeing 2019s committing.

Congrats to your son!  It does not surprise me at all that he received an offer this so called "late in the game". Just last week my son had two friends who had P5 offers recinded and a third who was told that if his velo does not increase the scholly offer will not be extended come NLI time.

Oral "offers" are worth the paper they are printed on, so it could go like this:

• "we have too many at your position, so you'll not see the field;"

• "admissions says you can't get in;"

• "I'm the new HC, and I think it better you find another option;"

• "You haven't really developed like we thought and you'll never see the field or even make the roster so it's best you not lose a year of eligibility."

The conversation is only limited by your imagination.

Congrats to the 2019's who are committing!  Great stuff!!

Not sure where this topic got that there's a "myth" that schools are done recruiting 2019's.  NLI's aren't even signed yet.  Colleges are always recruiting.  

Some schools, particularly at D1, are mostly "done".  Though that can change if NLI's don't get signed and it will definitely change come draft time.  Some more 2019's will get recruited June.

pabaseballdad posted:

My son is at a juco.  Just this week he has received several calls from D1's looking for bats.  So, apparently, there are still D1's looking for guys.


I agree that's probably true, but the Juco guys are a little different than the incoming freshmen in my opinion.  Juco (and graduate transfers) have already proven they can handle the distractions of being away from home, playing at a higher level, maintaining school commitments and are overall likely to be a little more mature as players and people, both physically and mentally.  I think that is why some schools actively look at Juco kids later in the game as it adds a different element to their rosters and may be a "safer" route than adding another kid to the incoming freshman class.  Just my opinion.

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