Proud to announce my guy will be playing in the big 10 after he graduates.He was bouncing off the walls for a few minutes last night after finally deciding.There have been times I can't believe he mine.This is one of them.

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Thanks to all.While IU was never on any list its something he is really looking foward to.It was a complete quirck on how the whole thing came about.Right place, right time along with meeting your current potential.Or by the hand of god.Either way lots of excitment here.Can't wait till the fall of 16.Again thanks so very much everyone......................

Proudhesmine Congrats to your son and family!!  You alluded to the conclusion process being somewhat random or surprising?  Saying, "It as a complete quirck on how the whole thing came about.  Right place, right time..." etc.  Sounds like the end game was not how you were thinking it would end?  Sounds like a better ending than you could have hoped for?  That's awesome!

If you don't mind, would love to hear more about the "right place, right time" quirckiness of how it played out.  No need for specific names of schools or anything, just curious about what type of "off-speed" the journey threw you and your '16?

Thanks and Congratulations!!

First of all let me say that 16 was being looked at by other schools.More than one.I along with others looking out for him all felt the process was just really getting started and this fall things would more than likely feel really busy at times.Where he plays travel ball there is a recruiting part.Of sorts.His high school doesn't do anything preemtive.Most don't.In july we are at one of those tourneys that has use of college field.Everyone gets a game thru pool.Then the end of tourney is at college field.Any of us with older kids have been to many of these.our first pool game (at college) 16 threw first two innings.theres a guy that  sees him pitch.Guy is leaving right after tourney ends for new job.16 does well.Tells new boss about 16.New boss comes and watches 16 on sunday play.Kid does well foward a couple of weeks.We get a weekend off after three out of state tourneys.Get a call few days before go pitch with another of our teams someone is coming.Its the boss from a few weeks ago.Next thing you know 16 is invited for visit.Even tho there was a felling/some talk that offer could be possible who really knows.16 and I go visit day before a kind of big thing he was involved with the day before.Untill the boss came out and said we are going to make offer.I never really felt that that was going to happen.To me they just really seamed like some very good people that was taking an interest in 16.But the offer was made and a couple of weeks later was accepted.This school was never on a list(not that there was much of one)This school was/is not a part of what travel team does with recruiting.I read alot on this site on a wide variety of subjects.Probably not enough of the recruiting stuff but oh well.The one thing that has always stayed with me from the recruiting on here is this.Always give up your top pick of what you want to go somewhere where they would love you to go.One of the last things the boss told 16 is.(While looking at him straight in the eye).first name we would love for you to be part of our family .Thats as close a quote as I remember it.There has been a number of times over the last few years that I can hardly believe this kid is mine.I couldn't tell you how many times over the years someone says things while my kids on field and not have any clue the kids mine.This whole commitment thing is like some whirlwind romance right out of hollywood.FYI. Two days after he committed Before the congrates phone calls had stopped 16 was tasked with cleaning the gutters.He recieved more than one Honk from passers by.16 did a real good job without being asked or told he swept the roof off before getting to gutters.I like it when I see him thinking ahead.................................  

Great story.  In baseball and in this recruiting journey "you control what you can control" and "do what you do (keep playing ball)" and the rest will take care of itself.


Hey, sounds like "16" showed up relentlessly, controlled what he could control, he did what he does well, and the rest took care of itself?  How 'bout that?


Thanks for story and best of luck to 16!


We know each other on a personal level and I know 2016 also,and what he can do.I am very happy for you guys,but was hoping you could offer some insight on why he committed so early.Since he's just going into his junior year of baseball and is only getting better, I cant help but think that there would be alot more D1 offers coming down the pike and they would be fightign over him.!!! I was just wondering what your thought process was ?? And since he's our starting quarterback tell him to run out of bounds instead of taking too many hits.LOL.

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