MLB teams would not know at this time in March who they are going to draft, especially rounds 25-27.  During the draft, the person conducting a team's draft might not know who is getting picked in those rounds until 3-5 minutes before that choice is made.

The answer to your question is no, an adviser would not be able to "know" or even "guess" with any accuracy on picks in those rounds.

One other red flag for your information, advisers(don't use the word agent as applied to your 2014) usually are not in contact with players in those rounds, at this point.

I think what JH and my post attempt to say is this has a massive red flag, and this is not directed at the OP, but rather the source of the information. Unless this adviser/agent is a personal friend, it would be pretty darn rare for them to make a cold call contact with someone to say 25th to 27th round. I think it would also be even more rare for an adviser,at this stage, to have access to national(reliable) scouting information to even know who would be in the top 1,000 potential draftable players.

My hope isn't to burst any balloon, but the information does not seem reliable.

It must be a numbers game at this point. The more potential draftees you have, the better the odds of one or more actually signing and receiving money.

Three kids on our travel team are getting texts, emails from 2 different A/A companys after a recent winter showcase. 2 freshmen and 1 sophomore. It must be getting competitive just like everything else.
Originally Posted by baseballman13:
I think ment more along the lines of that's where he projects at. And I also myself found it a little odd that he heard from an agent, I Always thought guys that weren't top 10 round projects, didn't need one?

There are some drafted outside the first 10 or so rounds who need the very, very best adviser possible.  There are not many of those, though, because they have to be players usually with strong college commitments who might otherwise be picked in rounds 1-5, or so.  In some situations, a team will pick them in the 30th to 40th round and take a run at them with a very large bonus, if the team has that money available with their draft and signings under the new slotting system.

In terms of where a player  might project, after the first 5 rounds and sometimes even before then, it is often far more anguish and disappointment than fulfillment.  Our son, within 48 hours of the draft received reports from scouts that he could be gone by the 10th round, certainly by the end of the first day(19th round at that time) and other input of 30th to 50th round. This information came from scouts who were are the draft headquarters for their teams and had access to information. From years of posting on this site and talking with many in and around baseball, that experience was more the norm than the exception(calls started coming in the 13th round including one from a scout who he had not seen for over one year telling him he would be picked next...he was not.) To be blunt, I doubt there is anyone in baseball who could slot someone in rounds 25-27, at this early date, or on draft day.  My thought process is that adviser opened  questions on his knowledge and experience, just by making a comment of that type.

Originally Posted by J H:

I wish I knew who my team is going to draft in the 25-27 rounds. This advisor is way ahead of us!



EDIT: I wish we knew who we are going to draft in ANY round! 



Yeah I just love those guys who must carry around crystal balls in their back pockets! 


My pet peeve is the lessor known advisor/ agent who says he talks regularly to the organizations about his players.


My son has worked with a guy who knows most everyone in this business and he tells son you never really know what they are thinking!


This is how those smaller guys make their money, preying on players who will be later round picks who will buy into their excitement and give up a part of their meager bonus.


Good advisors/agents don't contact players who will be 25-27 round picks. 

I beleave you, I kinda figured he was full of it, i mean he has had probably in the past 11 games this season 9 or 10 scouts there so I deff know hes not a top round draft pick the scout say he will be drafted just not sure what round have no way of knowing at this point, now that I can beleave. Did not not take the agents advice to heart, all though I'd have to say just by doing some research he represents some pretty big names!!! So I really don't no what to think just confused!!

To "my son recently was contact my advisor/agent".


You were given several answers that an advisor/agent would not know this, but you still came back suggesting that since he has pretty big clients he might.


BTW, are you the player or the parent?

Originally Posted by baseballman13:
And told us that he was going to be drafted in the 25-27 round he is a 2014 draft prospect. Would this agent know something like this, I mean would he have access to that kind of information. Any info would help?

FWIW, he was given answers to this question.


No one knows in march who or where they will be drafted.  To get a better idea of where the player falls in relation to 2014, where does the player fall within the national rankings and then on his state level?  Most of you only see a very small portion of the population that could be considered within your area.  where does the player fall on a national level?


Asking a question than coming back with your own answer seems to be the typical response these days from a lot of new websters.  If one would doubt the answers, why bother asking? 

Because an agent represents some big names has no relation to where or if the player will be drafted (especially out of HS).  Perhaps the advisor is trying to establish a future relationship, that could be possible, why not just go with the flow, it is way too early. A good advisor that sees future potential in a HS player will most likely tell the player to go to college first.

Where did the 2014 sign to go to college? Big baseball program, D2, D3 or a JUCO?

Problem is that scouts show up and the player gets some calls from an agent or two and the parents see $$ signs.

Do your homework, there is plenty here to read as in over the internet about HS players getting drafted out of HS in later rounds.



If you can provide better info than given here, than send the parent/player a pm with your advice. 

When my son was a senior an agent from a big firm advised him to go to college first. Projected to be a 6-10 round pick, with a strong college commitment,  an offer from the NY Y (150K signing bonus) he went undrafted and headed to college, three years later he was drafted in the second round, and to this day still has the same agent that advised him in HS.


BTW he was at one time ranked between 50-75 nationally in HS, but that did change as one gets closer to the draft. 


The player needs to work hard on and off of the field and be open to all options if presented. If he trusts this guy, listen to what he has to say, it may be that he is not looking to do anything but advise your son if needed when a choice arises.


That's all you can do at this point.


Thanks for providing better info.

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