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Carolina, I'm certainly not an expert on this subject, but from the research we did on schools, there are some NAIA programs that are stronger than some NCAA programs. It depends on what you're looking for and where.

There are several strong NAIA programs in this area. There's Cumberland College in KY and there's Cumberland University in TN. Both are winning programs. I learned though, that players and families look for different things, so there's a lot of variables depending on what's important to you.

Why don't you narrow things down - location and exactly what you're looking for in a school and I think you'll get more ideas.
Hey I know this is about a month late and will probably not help you now, but for others wondering about this, in general an NAIA school is about the same level of ball as NCAA DII, as people have mentioned in this post though there are numerous NAIA schools that are stronger then some NCAA DI schools.

Hope this helps anyone who is wondering where they compare to one another

One of my favorite websites, put together by a sports Dad who is an accountant.

It lists all baseball programs in the US along with their division, avg scholarship, test scores and tuition rates.

It's not perfect but gives a very good idea of what schools have to offer and what it takes to gain entry, plus how much one can expect to pay.

Clicking on takes you to the main site which lists all sports.

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How does this work at D1 or D2 NCAA schools? My kids are not  fortunate enough for this to be an issue, but what happens if you live off campus as a jr. or sr. which is very common and the money you're receiving is more than tuition and books? This could either be substantial athletic money, or a combination of academic and athletic...

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Figured something like that. Thanks for the clarification.

The stipend usually isn't great. Not too long ago a bunch of Michigan football players took to social media to let everybody know how badly they were being treated and how they had to eat ramen every night.

They chose to forego the free housing and meal plan. They chose to live in luxury apartments off campus and cook for themselves - it backfired. I believe the stipend was only 900-$1k/month.

If you go to school in a lower COL area it could have put some money in your pocket.

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