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I talked one of my opponents into playing a wood bat game during the HS spring season.  I need a cool name for it.  I don't want to go with the bland "wood bat classic" or anything like that but my creativity is is blocked. Any help?

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@fenwaysouth posted:

I don't know about cool but, I googled both "wood" and "battle" for synonyms and ideas.  I got "Clash of Lumber", "Lumber Clash" or if you want to channel your inner-Caddyshack..."Battle for the Lumberyard".   Sorry, if I'm getting a little carried away

Good luck coach2709!

If only Billy Baroo was a bat.

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That is a great idea. Keep us informed.

When I created the Area Code games, I trademark the name and logo.

We were the 1st event to use wood bats. If I planned another event I would name it "Zip Code" games.

Who is your wood bat sponsor? They may desire a table to sell their product.

You should alert the media.

You may desire to name the game after the sponsor or local dealer.

Is it a three game series and what is the distance of the visiting team?

Are you printing T-shirts to sell?


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The game will be in April and I'm thinking of having old school shirts made from maybe the 80s and do an 80s theme with 80s music between innings. Maybe have the guys do a little research and get 80s walk up songs.

We do have a wood bat sponsor and he will have a table set up to sell bats. Not sure about selling shirts. I hate buying something that doesn't sell and have to eat that money.

Keep the ideas coming


Do you have a local Pizza or Fast food restaurant. They can place their name on a T-shirt [left side]. You buy the T-shirts and a local printer can imprint the Logo for the game. If you desire I can send names of T-shirt company's we used for the Area Code games and Goodwill Series events. Which city will the game be played?


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