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My son is aspiring to play in college.  The problem is, his club team is not giving him very much exposure.  (most of the club teams are hugely disappointing, it's a business...a money grab!) His HS coach is not giving ANYONE exposure, in fact, we can't prove it, but he might be sabotaging players  (Some of our seniors are highly suspicious.)  He seems off balance and basically unfit to coach, lead or mentor these kids in any way.  The majority of the parent want him out, but being a teacher, it is very difficult.  He benches them for no apparent reason and gives lame excuses for his actions.  Our record...7 L 2 W!  The record does not reflect the teams talent.  They are being coached into the ground. I am told that, as a junior (grad year 2020) he cannot change schools due to CIF rules as he will not be eligable to play on the next HS team.  What should we do?  Get on a scout team, go to camps?  My son, and his teammates are finding it hard to stay positive and inspired. My son is the most passionate, hard working player you will ever meet..on all levels.  He will do whatever it takes!  So here are his stats.  He is currently 5'11 165lbs and still growing.  He is solid muscle, works out 5-6 days a week, hits and practices on his own daily.  He can hit the ball all over the field.  He currently plays 3rd but is probably better suited as a 2nd baseman (or now, since these coaches have gotten in his head, he is thinking CF.)  He is the second fastest player on the team. (sorry, I need to ask him his time again), Excellent base runner, heads up player.  His GPA is currently around 3.4 and he has not taken SAT or ACT yet. I need some feedback.

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Thanks for posting.  There is a lot of work to be done, but I think you've got to keep the action items short, prioritized, and manageable.   Here are my initial thoughts:

1) Reach out to reputable travel teams in your area that do get exposure.  Maybe somebody left or moved somewhere and your son can get added.   Don't know unless he starts getting on the phone.

2) Work with your son to develop a list of schools he's interested in then see if they have any camps.   Reach out to the coaches to let them know you are interested.   Send them your spring/summer schedule.   Visit the school if it is possible and let the coach know you are on campus.  Rinse and repeat with the schools he's most interested in.  Because his exposure is limited with the travel team and high school team you've got to take matters into your own hands.

3) Does he have a hitting coach or somebody that he works with on a regular basis at a local baseball academy?   Is this person capable of helping or mentoring him through this process and networking for him?

4) Continue to work hard in the classroom and develop baseball skills.  Never let up "on the gas" here.

5) Focus on the ACT or SAT tests.  Get a tutor or service to help boost scores if necessary. Scoring well here may be able to open some new doors.

It is a short list.  I hope this helps.  Good luck and let us know if you have questions.

Time is short. One of the things you need to do ASAP is figure out what level of college baseball your son should be looking at. You are fortunate in that not far from your home  you can see one of the top D1 teams in the country (UCLA) play, or a mid-level D1 (CSUN) or a lower level D1 team (LMU), or a good D2 team (Cal Poly Pomona) or good D3 teams (Chapman, La Verne,  Cal Lu, etc.) entire leagues full of very good Juco programs, and even a selection of NAIA programs.  If I was you I'd take my son, along with the most knowledgeable baseball guy you know, watch some games and try to figure that out.

Don't worry about your son's HS coach and recruiting. It's not his job, and with the exception of Jucos, colleges are too busy playing games in the spring to attend HS games. Depending on what kinds of schools your son wants to target, he needs to get in front of the right coaches this summer. Whether that's at showcase events, or team camps, or travel tournaments depends a lot on his plan.

Step one is get your head on straight. Your entrance to the board is with your hair on fire. There’s time. No need to panic. The only place to look regarding selecting the wrong travel program is in the mirror. It is not the responsibility of a high school coach to get a player to college ball. Some are good at it. Some could care less. 

For the most part college coaches are too busy coaching their teams to watch high school games. Unless your kid is a potential top ten rounds draft pick out of high school no one is there scouting him. It’s mostly pro scouts at high school games if studs are present. The draft is in June.

As mentioned your son needs to determine where he fits (not where he dreams he fits). Contact the head coach and recruiting coach expressing interest in the college and the program. Provide metrics like sixty time, throwing velocity, bat speed, exit velocity, unweighted gpa and SAT/ACT scores. Find out what events (tournaments, showcases) they will attend this summer and fall.

Maybe your son’s travel team plays in some of these events. If not, find teams to guest on that do. Individual showcases don’t need connections to teams. A good travel program does have coaches who promote players to college programs. Since your son doesn’t currently he needs to find a mentor with connections to pitch him. Don’t just find a hitting coach. Find a connected hitting coach. What you don’t want to do is just show up to events, go through the process and hope something sticks to the wall. 

Your son still has plenty of time to find a college program from mid major down to D3. Don't dream. There isn’t time to be wrong. Find the best potential baseball and academic experience regardless of level. High end D3 ball is excellent ball. 

Good luck.

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