Our 18YO son Jacob, who'll attend the University of Oregon on a baseball/academic scholarship this fall, was struck in the right eye by a golf ball on Monday afternoon in Oregon. He was there playing for his collegiate team, the Klamath Falls Gems.


Six hours following the injury, a retinal specialist performed surgery in Ashland, Oregon. My wife and I were able to bring Jacob home to Dallas Wednesday, and we saw a specialist yesterday.

It's bad, friends.  

I've searched the world for the best eye-trauma physicians, and on Monday JP will be seen by Dr. Ronald Gentile and Dr. Stanley Chang in NY.

Please pray for my son? And if you know of anyone who is absolutely the best in the world at traumatic eye repair, please let me know?



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JP, so sorry to hear about your son's injury. I will certainly be praying for him. My Sunday School teacher fell in his shower a year or so ago and impaled his eye on the faucet handle. He was told he would be blind as it tore his retina and stressed the optic nerve. I will tell you he has some vision returned to his eye. Prayer certainly is powerful. I hope you find a surgeon that can help your son but I know who is the " great physician". 


Justbaseballs son was hit in the eye by a baseball while at the cape. I will tell him to respond.

My husband sustained the same injury as a spectator at a spring training game. It was terrible, both Erik Davis and Mr TPM are doing well.

Keep us  posted.

jp - Very, VERY sorry to read this.  My prayers are with you.

The good news is there are some very good people who know how to deal with this.  I'm sure you've found someone good, but if you're looking for other options, the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary is world renowned - they did an excellent job on our son Erik.  No regrets.

Please PM if you want to know any more.

I am so sorry to hear this.  There is a great eye Dr. surgeon in the Reading, PA. area (believe it or not) his name is David Goldberg.  Or there is always Wills Eye (spelling?) in Philly.  Your son and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.  Please keep us all posted.


Prayers from Iowa for Jacob.

The top eye surgeon in our part of the country is David Puk (Cedar Rapids, IA). Not sure how he would compare to others around the world. I do know he really cares about baseball players and athletes. He played football for the U of Minnesota and his son was just drafted in the 1st round by Oakland this June.  If nothing else I'm sure he could recommend whoever is recognized as the very best.

I think you can google him and get in contact.  If not feel free to PM me and  I will get you his cell number.  You can use my name when you talk to him.

JP: So sorry to hear of this accident.  Hopefully, it is just a bump in the road. Stay positive. We've not had direct dialogue on HSBBW, but I've followed your posts and remember when your son committed.  His future is still insanely bright.  I will pray for him this weekend.

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