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Originally posted by Bum:
I'm down in LV right now with a window-view of of downtown. I miss the family but this is what I need to do!

Oh, the images your statement conjures up, Bum!

Just don't ask how I know this place is in downtown Vegas. Big Grin

Anyway, that is awesome news about Rusty . Then again, we all knew he would be racking up the Ks wherever he goes.

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It seems like yesterday when you were congratulating Jason for being selected to the MWL team.
This is just great!
In fact, it was just a bit over 4 years ago we traded discussions about redshirting, playing and the 1st college HR.
Please know that Tyler is proving his metal. He is proving he can play. He is proving he can play everyday. He is proving he can play with the best.
He is proving what Coach Gilmore and his Dad have known. He is proving he has a huge heart and even better talent.
Please have Tyler say "hello" to the DIII kid, Evan Bronson from Trinity University.
Boy, this is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Grin
The golfer swings a million times,
to hit the golf ball straighter.
And every little Idaho seed,
hopes someday to be a tater.

Some people like to fly a plane,
or steer a giant freighter.
And others train so very hard,
to be called "Olympic skater".

The astronauts are always looking for
the newest crater.
And every restaurant we know,
needs one more real good waiter.

But look no more Penn League fans,
you will not find one greater.
Than our own CD's pro ball son,
His name - "The Bortinator"

Go Ty Go!!!

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Thanks to all, what a wonderful place this is... kinda like the Cheers of websites.

Even better than the win was that jerseyson had a nice cheering section at the game. My wife and I both grew up in Kentucky and our families are still there, many of them were able to drive down to Lexington to see Q pitch. Most of them had never seen him play.

It was kind of funny to hear them all cheering on the internet broadcast... considering they were the visiting team. Smile

Here's a pic of Q with his very proud grandfather.

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My son's season ended last night on a fine note for him and a "figurative" heart attack for his parents Big Grin

He came into the game needing two hits in his last four plate appearances to hit .300 for the season. There are only about five or six .300 hitters in Tampa's entire minor league organization and only about ten in the NY-Penn League this year. His first at bat was a single and my wife and I high-fived and yelled and...

Next time up a pop-up Frown

Next time up a strike out cry

Last time up.... I am thinking of all the things that could go wrong, a walk, a sac bunt, a hit batter, another strike out, a defensive gem...

Quickly goes down in the count - one ball and two strikes... fouls a couple off... my wife calls 911 as I am in need of life support (j/k)... the announcers are talking about innane things with some fans and barely calling the action... all of a sudden we hear a crack of the bat and there was a "long" pause from the chatter - base hit to left field

We are thankful and indeed humbled by the experience. I'll never forget the joy in my son's voice when he called home last night. Baseball is the greatest game...

He is on his way home as I write this and should make it to our labor day picnic later this afternoon where my entire family is anxious to see him. Wishing everyone out there a fine holiday this year Smile
What a great accomplishment for Tyler on what looks to have been a great season. That 300 average goes along quite nicely with being named as an All Star. What a nice bonus that your family will get to see him at your picnic today (wish mine was home).

Don't some of those minor league announcers drive you crazy. One game our son's teams internet feed was down so we were listening to the opposing teams broadcast. These yahoo's spent almost an entire inning talking about the donuts they had that morning. When they would actually go back to the game you found that the batter was two or three pitches into his at bat! Oh well it's better than trying to follow a game via the box scores that get updated about every 20 minutes!

Congrats to all the boys that made it through the year. Here's to an even better 2010 season!!!
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