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04and10 -- I'm not a coach but I can speculate on why the HS coaches stay put -- job security (to a degree) and $ (to a degree). Take home pay for most college assistants -- even in the visible programs -- won't take them home. And camp money is dispersed between a larger staff.

A few years ago, a TCU assistant took the head job at LMC in Jacksonville (D1 JUCO). Josh has worked his arse off to rebuild the program -- think "start from scratch" on the field, the roster, uniforms, etc. -- what a task! I think he has done a great job but the 2-yr programs are a constant uphill climb...roster turnover, a new D1 nearby drawing kids, east Texas challenges (no offense to anyone) --- many challenges. He dipped his toe in the college ranks. But, from my perspective, his life didn't get easier when he moved from HS to college assistant to JUCO coach. Coach Stewart provided my son with a place to play, against several whose names were called last week. Thanks, Coach.

High school baseball coaches have their own challenges, eh? (PARENTS, like me!)

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I was just giving Funnel a hard time. I have observed his coaching over the years and from my observation as the opposing team he does a great job. He has a proven record of getting his boys to the next level and I feel he could make a good college coach should he choose that route.

Don't doubt the college ranks is tough for the guy trying to start/restart a program.
I was just commenting -- I never know if there are inside jokes or ongoing friendships between the posts. I agree with you on several levels though -- there are many fine HS coaches in this area that would make great college coaches. As a matter of fact, this job will go to a former area high school coach -- now a college assistant <--- little birdy's speculation.


Thank you for the kind words.

I have had a few offers as an assistant, but the pay is horrible and I have a family. I have looked at the college ranks and they want guys with "college experience."

Coaching in college is definitely something that I aspire to do. For a high school coach to make the jump, he HAS to "know somebody." With the college camps I have worked and with the college coaches that I know, I have figured this much out. College coaching is about 1 main thing...RECRUITING!!! All those guys know their baseball, but the ones that get out there and see kids, work the hardest, then have the ability to make the talent that they bring in better, are the ones that have success.

Oh, and as for North Texas, I think that they have the potential to be very good, very fast. If the guy gets the job who I hear will get it...he will have them winning big in less than 5 years.

Panther dad,

I think you and I are "hearing" about the same person.
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