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In Illinois the State Association declares 4 state champions.  Each class has approx. 130 teams.  Public and Private schools play together grouped by enrollment.  All four classes  follow the same format and are single elimination.  Each class is divided into 8 Sections geographically.  Sections are seeded 1-17(or 18). Section champions advance to the state quarter finals.

What do your states do?

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In WV there is A, AA, and AAA, so three state champions. I'm only familiar with AAA, which has 4 regions. Each region is comprised of 2 sections. Each section has 3-4 teams. Sectional play is double elimination. Regionals is win 2 out of 3. States is single elimination, so a semi-final and final. The strange thing is how schools are assigned to sections/regions. The AA championship game was between two teams who are in different regions, but are within a short drive of each other. The AAA championship ended by mercy rule. There's definitely room for improvement in identifying the top programs in the state. Some regions are much stronger than the others.

In Kentucky, there is only one state baseball champion sanctioned by KHSAA.  There are sixteen geographically organized regions of about 15 to 20 schools.  No regard is given to school enrollment nor whether the schools are public or private. Each region is divided into four districts that hold a single-elimination bracket.

The district champions and runners-up advance to a regional tournament of eight teams, where a draw determines that bracket.  Each district champion must draw a district runner up (not their own).  A district's champion and runner-up are forbidden from a rematch until the region final. This regional round is single elimination and the sixteen regional champions advance to a single-elimination state tournament.  A blind draw determines the state tournament matchups.  One weekend the first two rounds of state are played, and the next weekend the state semifinals and finals are played to crown the one state champion.

There are unofficial A and AA state baseball tournaments held during the season.  They are not sanctioned by the KHSAA.  A team could be the A state champion and the KHSAA state champion in the same season.

Texas has public HS classes ranging from A to 6A and the state is divided into 4 regions. In each region there are 20+
districts in each classification and the top 4 teams in each district qualify for the playoffs. Which is stupid but that’s how it’s done nonetheless. When district play is completed the playoffs consist of bi-district, area, regional quarterfinals, regional semifinals, regional finals, state semifinals, and a state championship game. All this happens in all 7 classifications. You have to win 7 playoff rounds to be a state champion. It is a brutal gauntlet to run and the best team often falls short. The playoff series at each level can either be one game or best of three. Most are best of three until you get to the final four. So you could theoretically have to play 17 games to win a state championship once the playoffs begin. It’s usually more like 12 but you get the picture. You need at least 3 stud pitchers and some good luck along the way. The best 6A teams in Texas would beat most D3 college teams in Texas more than not.

Georgia has 8 classifications, from A Private, then A Public, all the way up to 7A. 8 regions for schools, with anywhere from 4 to 9 schools in each region.  Each region sends the top 4 teams to playoffs, seeded by final region standings, so 32 teams in the playoffs. All rounds matchups are best of 3. Win 4 rounds and you're in the state championship.

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Hawaii (the mouse that's roaring among the above lions) has two divisions (1 and 2), roughly based on size of school.  Oahu has a public and private league in each division, the other island leagues (Kauai; Maui/Molokai/Lanai; and the Big Island) include both public and private schools.  Both public and private schools compete in the state tournament.

Prior to 2011, private schools dominated states but since then, public schools have won 7 of 10 D1 state titles (2 from Oahu, 2 from the Big Island, and 3 from Maui).

Both tournaments are single elim.

D1 Tournament

Oahu public: 5 schools

Oahu private: 3 schools

Maui: 2 schools

Big Island: 2 schools

D2 Tournament

Oahu public: 3 schools

Oahu private: 1 school

Maui: 1 school

Big Island: 2 schools

Kauai: 1 school

4 champions in Minnesota. A, AA, AAA, AAAA from smallest to largest in size. 8 sections in each class and from the top down there are ~ 7-8 teams per section in AAAA and AAA. These sections are double elimination. In AA & A they have up to 16 in some sections and are single elimination down to 8 remaining then double elimination.

State tourney is 8 teams and single elimination and starts next week. Games in 4 different locations and all state championship games are at Target Field.

I can do we’re I was and where I am ..

Pennsyvania: (7) 1A through 6A public, one private

Massachusetts: (9)  Divisions 1 through 5 plus the Super Eight tournament. Super Eight is considered the top eight teams in the state regardless of division level. Private schools participate in the NEPSAC (New England). NEPSAC has three classifications.

Maine: (7) Class A through D for public. Privates participate in the NEPSAC.

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5 in South Carolina, each class (A-AAAAA) is split into 8 "regions" for all sports (except where I coach in AA which for the past two years only had 7 regions), top 4 teams (yeah it is ridiculous) from each region make the playoffs.  Each class is basically split between "upper-state" and "lower-state" (each with 4 regions each), 4 districts brackets in each half of the state (think NCAA regional style double elimination bracket), each with 1 team from each region (for example #1 seed from Region 1, #2 seed from Region 2, #3 seed from Region 3, and #4 seed from Region 4), higher seed hosts the first and second games then the team from the "winners bracket" host.  After the districts champions are decided there is another bracket that is the same with the 4 district winners to determine the upper and lower state champions.  Upper and Lower state champions then play best of 3 (one home, one road, and at a neutral site if necessary).

AA was kind of screwed up this year because of only 7 regions, had some teams that finished 5th in their regions in, had one region split between upper and lower state, of course we got the #1 team and eventual state champion out of that region in our district and had to make an almost 2 and a half hour trip twice.

Private schools (at least most of them) have their own association and their own playoff structure but I have no clue how any of that works.

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In WA there are 6 classifications based on enrollment, from 4A - 1A, then 1B and 2B for very small schools. Each classification has it's own champion.

The state is divided into 9 geographic districts. After the regular season there are district tournaments (some districts play in combined tournaments to keep the number of teams about the same across tournaments). The top 8 teams in each classification (based on their finish in the district tournaments) move on to the state tournament.

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