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2022 catcher had the unfortunate happen with a standard cup.  The boys are recovering but he is still tender and walking a bit funny.  Several threads recommend the Nutty Buddy for the upgrade.  I knew going in that it would be expensive.  Are the $70 compression shorts necessary?  I'm fine spending it if they are but it seems a bit pricey for compression shorts.

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When I played a 100 years ago, we had metal cups. Playing in a game in the AABC World Series, Battle Creek, Mich, our SS field a hard line drive with his cup and the sound resonated. At the end of the inning he casually remove the cup and took a wood bat to pound out the “dent”.

the pitchers starred with fear. I could have sold cups for many $$$.

true story.

I was an outfielder in college. One summer ball game we didn’t have a first baseman. I made the mistake of saying I had played some first base in high school. A line shot hit the infield lip and didn’t come up where I expected. I turned around on my knees, puked, got up and continued. I never played first again.

My son played short without a cup from 7th grade through soph year of high school. I told him he was nuts. Or that he could end up wondering where they are.

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