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Wondering if anyone has any recent experience with the NYCBL.  Son is a junior at a HA D3.  Played in the WCL last year and the Great Lakes the year before.  Love to get some feedback on exposure/competition.  LHP -- sits 84-86 and throws strikes with three pitches.  College coach doesn't really do much on placement -- so son has to do the work himself (not bad experience for when he has to apply for job).

Did a search and most of the comments are several years old if not older  Wondering if anyone has experience with the league currently.  Know that Perfect Game spun out a few years ago.  

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Well, just did a quick search through stats from 2019... top 15 performers in ERA and BA.  The majority are D3 players with a sprinkling of Canisius, Siena and the likes.  No college hitting studs.  So, for better or worse, probably not a huge challenge competitively.

Not sure what his experience has been with his college to date... may be an opportunity to shine if he hasn't earned a lot of innings.  But if he has, he may look elsewhere.

To add... a decent LHP with decent velo should be able to secure a spot in any one of several leagues without too much trouble.  Finding good arms with innings left is pretty much a constant need.

This is a small summer league that won't provide any exposure to pro scouts.  Not much exposure to college scouts either, unless your'e looking to transfer to local programs in NY or PA.   Attendance at the games is very small with some exceptions.  You could end up playing in front of a few dozen people at some of the venues. Or a few hundred at others. Talent is mostly D3 and D2 guys with some D1 players from smaller programs sprinkled in.  You can check out the rosters to see the talent.  A lefty sitting 84-86 from a D3 school would get plenty of innings to pitch.  But like everything else, it can depend on the team and the year. To get real exposure, the Cape League is the gold standard.  MLB scouts are at the games every night, often from multiple teams sitting/standing together behind the backstop.  Cape League is top of the mark for talent.  When my son was young he went to a morning camp one of the teams provided and  he worked one on one with 3 players drafted in the top rounds, including Phil Ervin, who currently plays outfield for the Reds.

If he is looking for scouts, most local summer leagues won't have anyone in attendance. As cabbagedad already stated, has everything to do with where your son fits in on his current team. If it is about building a resume to get more playing time, then a local summer league would probably be a good fit. If he is already established and looking to show he can compete against talented hitters while remaining east coast, I would recommend reaching out to NECBL teams.

LHP sitting 84-86 with some quality pitches would do well at the NECBL. Much stronger than NYCBL...  Does get back to what is he trying to achieve?  HA D3 internship time....  He may need to get out of his comfort zone and ask his HC for an assist.

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see the web site for the Harbor Cats. Great area and strong crowds.


Have you considered the SF Seals? One of my favorite is the Virginia Valley League.


Unless something has changed, Bob, the SF Seals aren’t even full members of the CCL and play about 1/2 of their schedule against non-CCL teams. Based on the schedules from 2019 I have to assume their 47-player roster is split between 2 teams. Not sure this would be a great experience.

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