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Deemax, you were the commissioner last year, and my vote would be that we unanimously elect/draft/cajole/coerce/trick you into doing it again. Anyone disagree?

I'd like us to have the league organized and do the draft before August 29th if possible. I'm leaving for a two week trip to Utah then, and want to play and draft my players before going elk hunting.

Deemax, you willing to be the chief again this year?
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Deemax did a great job and it was fun to play. I pm-ed him about his I am sure he will be back on soon.
I will play again, and if need be help with the set up. We used yahoo last year and it was free.
JT aka Hudson Hornet... Are U ready for some Football? I am enjoying the nascar with you(I have been very lucky so far). 3up
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Originally posted by 06catcherdad:
I see that we've got the draft set for August 31st. I need to draft before August 29th if at all possible, like I mentioned in an earlier thread.

Do any of you guys object to doing the draft on the 28th or earlier? I'll be in the mountains in Utah on the 31st, and will not have internet or phon service on that date.

Fine with me.

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