Friday results:

Spotsy over Caroline: 8-2

KG over JM: 5-3



EV @ Chancellor



Courtland @ Spotsy

Caroline @ EV


I believe the top three spots are up for grabs between EV, Courtland and Spotsy. Not sure when Chancellor @ Caroline will be finished, but I think that needs to be done by Tuesday.

Chancellor over EV: 7-2

With that (according to my math), EV has dropped out of consideration for the top spot in the Battlefield.

The #1 spot will go to the winner of Monday’s Courtland at Spotsy game.


Chart below from FLS does not include the EV @ Chancellor game and Caroline @ Chancellor from Thursday is still incomplete.




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The way I have it with tie breakers included, the spotsy and courtland game today is only going to determine is spotsy the 2 seed or 3 seed and courtland is the regular season champions. 

Spotsy losses to KG, EV and Court

Court losses to Car., EV

EV losses to Spotsy, Court and chance.  

Tie breaker would go to district record, then record vs highest seeds, So since all three split against each other (if courtland losses and EV wins today) EV lost to 4 seed chancellor, which knocks them out, Spotsy losses to KG the #5 seed which would knock them out so Courtland is regular season champ and spotsy #3 seed because of loss to court, #2 seed if they win as they own tie breaker vs EV. Chancellor is the 4 seed 

That is the way I understand it, if my logic is wrong ok as I am not sure nor has anyone confirmed this but that is the way I understand it

Here is your regional power points ( i am pretty sure up to date)

Powhatan 6.176 #2 seed in region

Patrick Henry 5.5 #4 seed in region

Louisa 5.444 (could be #1 seed in region if spotsy wins battlefield tourney) otherwise could be #3

EV 5.25 (best finish 4.9, worst finish 4.55) Could be #1 seed if win BF tourney, could be #3 if spotsy wins BF tourney) otherwise could be 5 or 6 seed)

Hanover 4.71

Dinwiddie 4.56

Courtland 4.53 (best finish 4.65, worst finish 4.53) Could be #1 seed if win BF tourney otherwise could be middle seed)

Midlothian 4.39

Huegonot 4.0

Chancellor 2.88 (still has suspended game with caroline if win that 3.11 if lose 2.72) could be #1 seed if win BF tourney, otherwise will be bottom half seed around 8-10seed)

KG 2.38 (if beat JM 2x this past weekend then 2.88)

Monocan 2.0

Caroline 1.88 (not sure what will happen with suspended game, but if beat EV 2.166, if lose 1.77)


Regional Bracket looks like this, top seed host game

12/13 play in game to see who plays 5 seed ,11 vs 6, 10 vs 7, 8 vs 9 (1-4 get bye) 

Round 2  1 vs 8/9, 2 vs 7/10, 3 vs 6/11, 4 vs 5/12 and so on....

I hope this helps some things. Alot of things to play out but picture is getting clearer.

right arm of zeus posted:

I miss the good old days, LOL... I just hope the possibility of thunderstorms stay away so teams can play. 

Not likely.   Pretty hefty line of thunderstorms from northern Maryland well in to central Virginia heading in a southeasterly direction.   According to the weather channel the Fredericksburg area will be impacted around 7: 45 pm (maybe earlier as the line is picking up speed).  Depending on what time the game is schedueled to start they may get it in. Hard to say.

Courtland @ Spotsy was postponed for weather. FLS has that it will be played tomorrow, but I can’t find confirmation. (EDIT: Confirmed, 5/15 at 6 pm)

I haven’t heard about Caroline @ EV, but given the weather I heard that went through Culpeper, I’ll bet it was called too.

Last Night: Spotsy 10, Courtland 0


Today (allegedly) begins the District Tourney at Courtland:

#2 Spotsy vs #3 EV

#1 Courtland vs #4 Chancellor


I'm hearing that that the first game is at 4:30 and the second game is 30 minutes after the first game finishes... weather permitting.

As of 5/16 here are regional seedings (some of richmond schools still are playing)

1-Louisa, 2-Powhatan, 3-EV, 4 Patrick Henry

5-Dinwiddie, 6-hanover, 7-Courtland, 8-Midlo, 9-Huegonot, 10-KG, 11-Chance, 12 Monocan, 13-Caroline.

Monday is


Tues is

5 vs 12/13, 6v11, 7v10, 8v9

Thursday is 

1v8/9, 2v7/10, 3v 6/11, 4v 5/(12/13)

Tues is 

(1v8/9) VS (4v5/12)      (3v6/11) VS (2v7/10) 

Thursday is Regional Final

The ones that can still move up or down is if there are games played this week (Hanover could be 5,6,7), (Dinwiddie could be 5/6, (Midlothian could be 6/7/8) (Courtland 6/7/8) everyone else is pretty solid where they are.

Here's the scoop

Class 3:

Brentsville District over York 4-1
Spotsy over Hopewell 5-2

Fluvanna over Northside 5-1
Abington over Western Albermarle 6-3


Class 4:

Jamestown over Dinwiddie 7-3
Grafton over Powhatan 3-0

Fauquier over Amherst County 3-2
Salem over Woodgrove 7-2


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