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I have great memories of having attended three Olympics (LA, SLC and London). I lived in LA. It was a two week party. I went to events afternoon and evening every day.

But the idea of athletes disrespecting the flag while representing their country has me reluctant to watch. While there could probably be a better song than the current national anthem it’s beautiful to hear as the Americans win another gold, the flag goes up and the anthem is played.

The already whiny women’s soccer team took a knee for the anthem before their first game. Now, I don’t care if they win or lose. In fact, it would be great if they didn’t make it to the medal round. Focus a little more on your event and less on virtue signaling.

Despite what NBC would have us believe, the Olympics is not about the US team.  I love watching athletes from countries I've never heard of perform their sports at the highest level.  Frankly, I could care less what the US athletes do on the podium.

Carrying the US flag was Eddie Alvarez, who competed in Speedskating  in the 2014 winter Olympics and is now on the baseball team (  Talk about multi-sport.

@old_school posted:

they haven't even started complaining about not being paid enough yet, plus the professional leagues suck and they cant make fair wage on the free markets either...they are being kept down by old angry white men like you RJM...why do you hate women? oh that applies to the softball team as well.

The women don’t seem to grasp on the world wide stage the pool money for men’s soccer dwarfs women’s soccer. It’s were the majority of the money comes from. As far as the money that comes only from the US the women are paid more. They also make more in endorsements. I don’t follow soccer much. But I can name a lot more US women players than men due to their tv endorsements.

Pretty disappointed in baseball. Six teams, with no true pro athletes and no true amateurs isn't really exciting to watch, half the teams competing will win a medal. I believe Japan and SK are sending their top guys but the fact that the US team is a mix of AAA players and washed pros is a considerably less intriguing, at least to me.

Would love to see a team of college guys represent the US if baseball were to make another Olympic appearance, but I don't think it will and I don't really think it should. Same with softball.

I love the World Baseball Classic, it was electric in 2017. Great baseball

Japan beats USA in the gold medal game 2-0.

I read that they are not going to have baseball in 2024, or probably in the future.  After all, why would a host country like France want to build a baseball field?  You can't exactly use it for anything else.  They've torn down the one in Athens from 2004.

Still, since they had it this year, we have to take an interest.

(and no, I did NOT wake up at 6 am!)

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