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Hard to put this into context without knowing what the kid said. Man, I'd have no problem with the ump saying that to my kid, and I can safely say the kid wouldn't be offended (he's heard it from me, and said it to me, more than once). These are big boys out there playing a big boy game. Tempers flare, it's all good.

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Ok I will be the middle ground.....Sort of.

While of course this isn't language the player hasn't heard before and possibly might have just directed at the umpire himself.....As an ump in a college game, you just can't go there.

The umpire is  getting paid to de-escalate unsportsmanlike conduct, not add to it.

So while the player will survive the naughty words the ump is still in the wrong. As long as he apologizes and doesn't have a history of this behavior I think a suspension is a sufficient punishment.

I don't think he needs to be banned as long as this isn't a pattern of behavior.

Our backstop is not huge and if you sit front row, off to the side a bit, you can hear everything between pitches. The players (on both teams) will go at it with college umps, and they have no problem giving it back. I've heard some of this throughout the season, coach usually comes in and gets into it with him instead but I guess - not surprising.

You start to see the same crews and by Sunday you're on a first name basis with some of the guys.  

Overheard this weekend:

Pitcher: Call a F*%^&% strike ______ (umpire first name)

Umpire: Throw a F$%$I@ strike _________ (pitcher first name)

I don't think the commentary is about protecting the kid from that kind of language, it's more a commentary on the umpire.

If you don't like what the player said I see you have three options, ignore it, tell him to take a seat or toss him.  Coming back with that just tells everyone you couldn't handle it from a kid.  Simply a weak minded official. Or giving him the benefit of the doubt, a moment of weakness.

That game was at UCF in Florida, an AAC school.

Can't see either one of them getting away without a penalty in that conference.

Our closer did a fist pump in front of the visiting team a few weeks back and immediately ejected. He was just pumped not trying to be a wise a$$. The 4 game suspension hurt.

No fooling around in the SEC.

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